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August 2012

July 2012


Birthday 1

it was my birthday last week and, probably because birthdays can get a little worrying in your forties!! I was most very spoilt!  Meals cooked for me, lazing around the house and not a stitch was sewn that day

Birthday d

I was also treated by my lovely daughter (although I had to email for it!) to an absolutely gorgeous pencil case from the lovely fiona T.  It is most fabulous and fits all of my pens with room for some more!!

Birthday a

and then there were the books!

Birthday c

I am something of a book a holic

Birthday b

and a craft a holic so I will blog about these books as we use them

Birthday 4

but this was my most favourite book of all.  Emily Dickinson's poetry.  She is not a poet I had paid much attention to, I knew a couple of her more famous poems but that was all.  I was sauntering around the library looking for something to read when I found a biography about her 'lives like loaded guns'.  The biography was fascinating and I found i just loved her poetry so J thoughtfully bought me this copy of her complete works.


and then summer came and everything stopped for a day of kayaking, swimming, relaxing and forgetting quite how hot the sun is in July and getting burnt


so now I'm back indoors planning

Stitching forever

and sewing up a storm for the big craft fair over here


and a little bit of lovely fairy sewing for a commission

I will be away from this lovely space for a couple of weeks while my sister is here and we all behave as though we're on holiday beaching and eating ice creams.  I hope you all enjoy the heat wave (if you're in England) or whatever season you are in at the moment 


busyness and visitations


The fairies are coming thick and fast as I'm preparing for a couple of craft fairs in August but I have lots of ideas for drawings that are just milling around in my head!  I only hope they stay in there somewhere until I'm ready!!


but I'm also making a few journals using my absolute favourite pattern, daisy girl with her balloon.  The stitching on these seems to take such a long time but I love choosing all the little bits of fabric and colours of thread and then just adding little details


so I'll be busy stitching over the next couple of weeks and my blogging may be a little sparse!  Not least because at the end of July we have these little horrors coming to stay


and this little sweetie


oh yes!  and their mum's coming too!!

Nieces and sister for a whole week so we're hoping for lots of sunshine sea and sand




fairies and bagpuss

Door hanger detail

I finished Annis's name plate for her door.  I'm happy she still wants fairies alongside the cute and scary creatures she likes.

Door hanger middle

I've layered her dress with a tiny piece of fabric underneath

Door hanger

can you tell that I've been playing on picmonkey!!  I love this effect, it reminds me of the pictures at the beginning of bagpuss.

I am happy to make a name plate as a commission just email me at to discuss colours and a name.

I have promised a how to.  I haven't taken photos but it's really a very simple design so I will make up some diagrams next week and post them up here


All fairies should wear liberty dresses

12 July blog

these new liberty fabrics have caused a shift in my colour palette that I am absolutely loving.  I have noticed they are a little autumnal (could this be to do with the driving rain and grey skies outside?) but then autumn is my favourite season.

12 july blog 3

this particular bit of sewing is based around a sketchy idea for a door hanging for my daughter.  I've used a simpler fairy design although I do like the idea of translating this one into stitch.

12 July blog 2

I'm not too happy with the banner, I think it's a little squashed so I will probably restitch it and then put a border around the whole thing with a string hanger.  


and while I am showing you my stitching I should point out that I am not working on linen.  It has become quite difficult to find linen that I like so I decided to take a chance on a fabric I have never tried before, cotton calico.  This is an absolute dream to work on, I love it!!  This particular calico is an organic calico from Raystitch.  I love the way it crinkles once it's washed and it seems to go so well with the new liberty fabrics.  I will post pics of the finished door hanger and some sort of explanation about how I made it once it's done



Postcard pink cleaner

I have been rather brave and dipped my toe into the world of printing.  I have ordered postcards!!  Hopefully they will look exactly as they look on my computer screen, if they don't... I will cry... a lot!

Postcard blue bit bigger

I have begun with drawings but at some point I would like to do prints of embroideries and stitched pictures but I have begun tentatively!  I am hoping that I have done everything right and it will be possible to write on the back of these so they can be used as notecards and I will sell them in sets of six with envelopes.  Of course if I never mention them again it will be because I am crying all over my gone wrong prints!!



stitching fairies

Hi and welcome to my up and running new blog.  I don't think it will be hugely different to my previous blog, just in a different place!  It may change a little as I receive instructions from my techy son on how to make buttons and mess around with things.


this week I have mostly been busy designing fairy type embroidery patterns while eating an awful lot of extra strong mints!  


I'm really pleased with the end result even though I had to lose the butterfly wings, they were just too much against the print in the dress

Close up fairy

I have now mounted her onto canvas, well in reality my artist partner (who seems to know about these things) did it for me!

Canvas 3

I've popped her into my folksy shop but I will be making some more fairies


using some of these luscious fabrics for dresses.  And now I'm going to enjoy what's left of our one day summer!!  Hope you're all out there enjoying it too



Under construction



I am just trying to work out all the techy stuff on my new blog but hope to have it up and running by next week.  If you would like to read more my old blog is over here.  If you would like the free third princess pattern it is over here.  But if you would like all three patterns you will need to email me at as I haven't put the other two onto my google drive yet. 

Back soon x