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she took awhile...

free embroidery pattern

I promised six princesses within the year and there will be six, by hook or by crook!  Here is number four

Wellie princess boots

sporting her most fancy wellies


and a scalloped edging to her dress

Princess wellies

I had intended to use bright colours and have bright red wellies but then I saw these lovely linen threads when I was last in Truro fabrics and couldn't resist.  So she is a quite muted elegant princess, despite her wellies!  I think she would be great in bright colours though.

I'm not too sure about the darker outline around the hair but obviously you don't need to do that!

This is the link for the pattern.  If you have a problem with the link then please feel free to email me.

Now back to embroidery kit instructions

embroidery kit

pootling around

I am something of a flibbertigibbet (wikipedia assures me that this is the right spelling) when it comes to making.  I need to make one thing so I pootle off and make something entirely different or I have about 50 projects on the go at the same time.  This tends to happen when I have about 50 ideas filling my head at the same time


so because I need to make purses and purses and more purses I took a look at my last lonely rabbit from last year or maybe even the year before and thought I'd like to make a rabbit

The caravan embroidery pattern was put to one side and I fished out some lovely but stained linen napkins that I cannot save, screwed my courage to the sticking place and cut them up into rabbit shapes


well they looked rabbit like to me.  Of course if I was a proper blogger I would have waited until I had finished the rabbits to show you pictures of the whole process but that's not the way I roll so this is more or less where I'm up to right now but I'm sure there will be finished pics soon!

and I also have an idea for the next princess and I think it may involve these


all should be revealed next week... who knows there may be a princess pattern, finished rabbits, purses and everything by then.  After all next week always seems so very far away from today

what I made last night


I was looking through this lovely book by Amanda Blake Soule (Soulemama) to find a pattern for a bag that I could pop into my bag when I'm in town as I find all too often I underestimate the amount of shopping I can fit in my bag and come home with a co-op plastic bag


this broadturn bag was perfect, but as tends to happen when I look at soulemama I got distracted by her lovely writing and drifted through the book until I came across a pot holder


and thought of my beloved but slightly dangerous (according to other members of the household) kettle, with a handle that does seem to get hotter by the minute!  But then I got further sidetracked by this quote


so I grabbed the linen and thread that I took out to the beach earlier (and clearly didn't use at the beach!) and stitched it up.

The quote is from Roosevelt but it made me think of the kind of advice your grandma might give you (perhaps Roosevelt's grandma gave this advice to him).  I thought of all those old pieces of wisdom that no longer have a name attached to them (if they ever did).  I love this quote, I think we're all guilty of believing that if we just had this or lived there (France in the sunshine, eating outside, swimming in the sea...) then life would be perfect.  I am not entirely sure how I'm going to finish this, I like the idea of something a bit rough and patchy like this hanging where I can be reminded every day to just get on with it!

I do still need to make the bag and the pot holder so perhaps I should go look at what I have and get on with it!

never too old

The summer is birthday season for us.  Only Jason's birthday is outside the birthday season.  And while we are not great at keeping mementos, scrapbooking, making quilts from all the children's old clothes we have always tried to create our own little rituals around birthdays.  In part this was originally to make birthdays about more than just presents and it seems to have worked because our eldest is more concerned that we will remember the birthday chair than with what he actually wants for his birthday (not overly helpful when I'm desperately trying to think what on earth to get for a nineteen year old boy!)


I was worried that this year Cain would be too old for all our family birthday traditions but a few days before his birthday he told me about how surprised he was when he discovered that his friends didn't grow up with a birthday chair or crown or sweets on their birthday mornings.  I was surprised to discover that he had thought that our birthday traditions were simply what everyone did, like a christmas tree at christmas.  But I also realised that he loves the traditions and would be gutted to wake up to no birthday chair (or throne) and crown.


so this year while we sat and made the decorations and wrapped presents I thought about how important such a simple ritual becomes in a family.  Jason and I used to stay up late after the children had gone to bed making all the preparations but as they have gotten older the children who haven't got a birthday stay up and help.  This week Cain (despite being 19) went to bed early and the rest of us stayed up, Annis made the crown and decorated the chair, Teague put all the sweets onto the tiered cake stand and we all helped with bunting, wrapping and card making.  


some ideas were less successful than others (these were made for Annis's birthday a couple of weeks ago).  It was suggested that these look a little like dead dolls hanging from the ceiling but that's the thing when you take time to make things, it doesn't really matter what they turn out like because they immediately have a story to them and I just know that these unusual hangings will come back out next year and we'll all laugh about the fact that they still look like dead dolls.  ( I would like to point out that the horrible light fitting is one we cannot remove without expensive help from an electrician so it stays and has things hanging from it, possibly drawing attention to it rather than distracting from it!).  In fact I'm quite tempted to leave our dead dolls up all year round, perhaps adding to them bit by bit...

So now the birthday season is over I think it might be time to go on some picnics, something we haven't done at all this year :o(  Do any of you lovely readers have any good suggestions for veggie picnic food.  One of our favourites is the cheesy jack recipe from the old Cranks cookery book (basically a savoury flapjack) and puff pastry swirls stuffed with pesto.  But I would welcome more ideas to ring the changes a little.



a love affair with micron


at the moment I am in love with my micron pens.  I can draw onto my fabric and stitch little bits here and there adding a little colour or fabric 


I love the softer subtle effect


so far I've used it on this bag, (I don't have a finished picture as it's so dull today :o(


and on these lavender girls beautifully photographed on my horrid ironing board cover!


and this girl is going to be a phone case.  I'm really enjoying just messing around adding tiny bits of stitch here and there.


All of the stuff that has kept me away from the internets


such busyness over the past two weeks!  A birthday girl in the house all of 12 years old and cousins here too so it felt like a week long party!


with shopping trips (we didn't actually buy this!)


even time for a little bit of fabric shopping


a sale rail of beautiful clothes in all the wrong sizes :o(


a bit of beaching while the sun was out


and plenty of baby cuddles


and I've been a little inspired by my aquathlonist


I'm not sure if she's going to be an embroidery or a drawing at the moment, I like the idea of a swimming bag but we'll see


I have also been stitching a plethora of fairies over the last two weeks for some lovely commissions


and finally sketches for a postie fairy who never has time to brush her hair (hmm reminds me of certain members of my family!).  I like the idea of her as an embroidery pattern.  

I've also been asked to create a beginner's embroidery kit which I've been working on although I'm still having some problems about how to transfer the pattern onto the fabric so the buyer doesn't need to do it.  Once finished the kit should include a piece of fabric printed with the design, threads, a needle and a flexi hoop.  Please let me know if I've forgotten anything!!  My memory doesn't appear to be working too well these days!

Well it's all gone quiet in the house now, birthdays over (for a week or so) cousins gone and J back at work so I had better get my nose back to the grindstone and get on with some work to finish all those projects!