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September 2012

space pattern finished!

Astro detail

my spacey patterns are finished and for sale over here

Girl astronaut

these are very simple patterns, mainly backstitch with a few notes and even a colour guide.  Although I do think they might look rather nice in black thread.  I may try it out if I get the chance at the weekend

600 mp

They might make a rather nice space quilt.  I'm sure the helmet, dress and shorts could be appliqued rather than sewn for a different effect or perhaps the planets could be different prints.


desperately needing one of these right now so I may follow this recipe and wrap myself up in blankets until this wretched cold goes away!

Have a lovely weekend


Have a lovely weekend




Tour of Britain comes to Dartmouth on a beautiful day.  Loved seeing it and loved all the encouragement for young cyclists


The winner, Pablo Urtasun, went by so fast we couldn't get a picture.  Ironically our super sprinter 'the manx missile' was a little tired from all the hills and going a lot slower!  


and a nice relaxing coffee and dog walking on Upton Towans

I hope you're all enjoying this lovely weekend too



New boots


If there is one thing I hate, it's shoe shopping.  Not because I hate shoes but because I am a size 8, a very difficult size to shop for.

For years I was buying a 42 euro size and almost every time I saw some shoes I liked came across the 'sorry this company don't make size 8 in women's shoes'.  

Then all of a sudden I went to try some boots on in a surfy shop and was told 'yes!  of course we have a size 8'  I was ecstatic until I tried them on and they didn't fit.  I looked underneath and discovered that they were a 41.  I pointed this out to the shopkeeper who told me that 41 is a size 8.  I argued that for years I had been buying shoes with 42 and size 8 stamped on the bottom of them but he insisted that I and the various shoe manufacturers were wrong.  Nowadays size 41 is often marked as an 8, usually in cheaper shoe shops and I wonder what they have gained by this strange change.

But I needed me some boots and I love/hate fly

these are my most favourite shoes in the world ever but I will not ever be wearing them and it is not even down to the cost.  Fly do not make a woman's 8 (or 42 as I like to call it).  

Then J had a genius idea, 'look at the men's' he said and sure enough there were the perfect boots and because 8 is such a strange size for men too they were in the sale at less than half price!

Boots mine

after buying my winter boots which are fabulous men's fly boots we realised that little A had no winter boots either.  Now she has wanted extra long doc martens forever!  And I really mean forever.  So we went off with heavy hearts not expecting to find anything suitable within our price range for a still growing 12 year old when we came across these

Boots annis

again at less than half price!!!!  and they fit beautifully, I don't think she could ever manage to wreck them as I am quite sure that dms are indestructable.  

I don't normally share my shopping trips but winter boots are the bain of my life!  I can't quite believe that it all happened so easily and without driving us into debt!!  So I'm sharing, whether you are interested or not!


just one last picture because we love our boots so much!



Septmeber is my absolute favourite month, closely followed by October.  I am an autumn person, mainly because I can justify snuggling in at home to crochet and knit at the weekends while just having a little jaunt outside to enjoy the mellow weather.  And that's exactly how this weekend went.  

Quite some time ago someone gave me a huge bag of chunky acrylic yarn in bright colours.  I'm not usually one for chunky, acrylic or bright but I can't refuse yarn so it has just been sitting in a cupboard for months and months.  Last week we had a brainwave (others were involved) 'camping blankets' came the cry 'we absolutely need camping blankets'.  We have a vague plan to try to go camping in England one weekend soon and I'm certain we will need blankets so I set to work.

I did a chain of 133 and then did treble crochet to the end and changed colour.  I left long ends at each end of the rows which have been left as tassles and I just worked through the colours.  Some yarns were chunkier than others so the blanket goes a bit wobbly in places but that gives it a bit of homemade charm!  

If you were desperate/keen enough to want to make a blanket such as this I crocheted 51 rows and it was just right for a skinny bean of a twelve year old girl.


but that's not all I did (well I say I but...).  On Sunday morning I found a 'sort of' recipe for blackberry vodka in this book (a book that I thought might be a bit coffee table but is actually quite inspiring, useful and enjoyable to read).  I thought to myself there are lots of blackberries out there and (being a bit poor) we can buy cheap vodka and it'll probably be fine.  So I prodded J and we took the dog for a walk.  Unfortunately I hadn't thought about brambles when I dressed so my floaty muslin dress was a little impractical and J ended up picking the blackberries but he enjoys that sort of thing!  

When we got home we filled the kilner jar almost half full with blackberries, topped it up to half way with sugar and then poured vodka over it to the top.  We then sealed it shook it up a bit and left it in the cupboard.  Of course I can't actually recommend it to you because I haven't ever tried it before but really how can you go wrong?  Alcohol, fruit and sugar?? 

The best bit?  You don't have to pick as many blackberries as you would for a crumble, so it's very time efficient.


and I hope you all had a lovely weekend too 


caravans and unpicking


slowly in odd moments I am getting this caravan stitched


there has been some unpicking with a lot of squinting in bad light!  I tried out filling the curtains but it just wasn't me, I love my outlines.  So at the moment I'm thinking of just having stitched lines, although I am also thinking of making up a second version with applique pieces


and I think the bunting will definitely have to go.  It looks a bit funny over the door like that.  Would it look better going from the roof of the caravan to the back?  I may have to try it all out and do a bit more unpicking, but perhaps in better light this time!

coming soon...


Lovely linen threads that have been patiently waiting for the right project

Caravan detail

and this pattern has been patiently waiting in drawing form for months!!  But today I realised they would work so well together.  So when all my other work was done I sat down to start the lovely rythmical backstitching.

Caravan detail 2

there are a few wobbly lines to sort out but I think it's going to look nice and vintagey once it's done

Caravan emb

and I may have to move the bunting a little, not a little girl in sight and probably quite out of season now we're heading towards christmas but I sense a new pattern on it's way


An embroidery kit

Embroidery kit1

I'm a little nervous about this but I have just made my very first embroidery kit!

Whole picture

It is a very simple design and simple to embroider


introducing backstitch, a simple filler stitch, detached chain and fern stitch

I've tried to keep it as simple as possible so a child could sew it.

Embroidery kit2

I have listed two, one in my etsy shop and one in my folksy shop at an introductory price including UK postage (there is extra postage for any other country.

There are four pages of stitch instructions along with pictures of my finished girl to help you along.  Once it's finished it can either be hung up in the hoop or mounted and framed or even sewn onto something else, like a bag.

I will be listing a few more of these over this week.