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oh I mean to blog regularly, I really do.  I only realised today that it has been so long since I last blogged.  I have been stitching and stitching to keep my shops stocked and in between there's a little matter of home education (?!)  And as for housework???

So here is a little taster of what I have been busy with

Red specs legs

Snowy house

Yellow detail

Pink rabbits detail

Red specs


and this is my constant sewing companion!  The only place he will settle is just behind my sewing chair where he can nose in my rubbish bag full of thread ends and fabric scraps!  I will be back next week with a princess pattern ready for you to stitch

new winter fairy pattern


I have many half finished pattern designs sitting in a basket, my caravan, a washing day, a balloon girl... but this fairy needed finishing ready for christmas

Winter fairy folksy

so today I have finished stitching her and listed her over in my etsy shop.  I have made use of the silvery satiny thread that I love from DMC to give her a pair of beautiful silver doc martens.  I think she would make a lovely christmas decoration framed in the hoop.  I may have a look into some hoop decorating ideas later this week


and I'm finishing with this fantastic idea from Nini Makes sewing a moth over moth holes in jumpers.  Moth holes are something of a problem in our house so I may be making quite a few of these!!




beautiful baking for a party (Annis, not me, I think I might have used a little less of the sugary stuff!)



building card towers and playing card games



knitting more fingerless gloves for a birthday present


and a bit of designing and stitching a wintery fairy

with a bit of dog walking and some chilling with friends that was our weekend

Hope yours was a lovely autumnal weekend too (unless you are in an opposite climate to me of course, in which case I hope it was suitably springlike/summery)




I am fairly sure that there are many out there who would have no interest at all in this post.  If I were to tell Jason all about my amazing new embroidery hoop he would most certainly zone out on the word 'hoop' if not 'embroidery'!  But here in blogland I know there are those who care about such things so I am sharing it with you (although I may well share it with Jason later anyway and see just when he stops listening!)

Hoopla detail

Normally I am an avoider of plastic.  I love the lovely wooden hoops but I saw many embroiderers using plastic hoops and enjoying them and so I was tempted and I have to admit this hoop holds the fabric beautifully.  Usually I do have to keep tightening the fabric but so far this hoop seems to keep it in place.  I haven't removed the fabric yet and I'm not sure it would be suitable for a delicate fabric but for calico or heavyweight linen it seems perfect.  It is from Sew and So and they do a 4" or a 6" version.  The hoop is made by Susan Bates so it is possible that it's available elsewhere.

It's not the prettiest of hoops so I wouldn't use it to frame an embroidery.  This (and the extra cost) means that I won't be using it in my kits at the moment.

and speaking of kits my supplies have arrived so I will be busy this week making up some more kits

Embroidery kit2
this one and...

4998145016_60ecd501b3 (2)
with a few colour changes this one too

Hope you're all having a lovely crafty week