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rain rain go away

Catching wishes

it's been more than a week since I last visited!  It has been a very busy and eventful week and there has been no quiet time to pop in here!  

Catching wishes back

Firstly my felt arrived and I have backed 'catching wishes' and popped her into my shop

Fairies angled

then there has been much stitching of journal covers

Snowdrops legs

some with snowdrops (and legs for Karen!)


then there was quite a bit of this (image by Adam Gibbard Photography) down the road at Newlyn which unfortunately we did not manage to escape even though we live at the top of the road as my dear man did a bit of this


ours was not a mini, in fact it nearly wasn't a car anymore at all as the insurance company wanted to write it off but the lovely peeps at Trelawny Garage stripped it down and mended it, as much to their surprise as ours!!  So our citroen still goes but will be avoiding doing any more fording accidental or otherwise.


and I'm also working on my new UNISEX embroidery kit.  I am reluctant to call it a boy's kit because I always wanted to be a space person.  But it has come about because of quite a few requests for boy's embroidery kits.  It will all be embroidered onto a calico back pack so it's useful too!!

I hope you've all been busy too but perhaps with less water damage!


catching wishes on my work table

Wish net

there's been some sparkle stitching this week, it may have got a little bit sweary and the glitter thread does mean I sew twice (three times?) as slowly but it's always worth it in the end!

Wishes legs

Wishes legs


she's just waiting for me to pop to Truro and get some felt to back her with and then I'll be putting her into my etsy shop.

I'm also working on some new embroidery patterns of flower girls

Flower girls

there will be two different girls and the tall stalk will hold a flower. 


bits and pieces


I started today with a little bit of stitching


but I've realised I absolutely have to have some glitter thread and I have none.  I thought about satin, I have satin threads, but satin is too thick and doesn't glitter so she will have to wait to be finished

Ink and pen

so after my exciting shopping trip I have got my pen and shiny inks out to try out my luscious fabriano rainbow pads of paper!

And while I am pottering about I will let you know (in case you don't already) about the wonderful Edward Gorey stitchalong that follow the white bunny is running in January.  Edward Gorey is one of my favourite illustrators (along with Tove Jansson) so I rushed at the chance of joining in.  I can't wait!

I hope you're having busy fun today too 


the last two princesses


the last two princess patterns are finished and available here.  


I have shown them embroidered but there are patterns for the dresses if you wish to applique












If you have any problems picking the patterns up from the link or you would like the other 4 patterns please feel free to email me and I will get back to you after the weekend.

Now off to do some children's winter clothes shopping in Truro!

Have a lovely weekend


sneak peek

the final two princesses should be ready for tomorrow

Princess 5 dress

I'm just finishing off a dress

Princess 5

These are embroidered without any applique but patterns for the dresses are included if you prefer to applique

Princess 6

sorry about too much light in this pic of the second princess but it's just a sneak peek


blank space


just recently my mind has felt like an empty room, or at least my creative mind has!  Unfortunately my other mind has been brimming over with the day to day to the point where I think there has been no room for creativity.  I do think it's a woman thing, when I should be thinking about drawing I'm also thinking 'what day did I agree to take the children to archery and whose house is it at?'  

Most often I can switch off the day to day for a little while but recently it just hasn't switched off at all.  Normally when I'm feeling like this I knit but I'm waiting for some luscious wool from Loop



so I can start some fingerless gloves.  

So yesterday I took an old drawing that I thought might make an embroidery and stitched while I listened to Martin Beck on the radio


and I'm actually pleased with how it's going, not very wintery (I'm struggling against the whole christmas thing at the moment!) but pretty and summery.  She will have flowers trailing around her


and plenty of french knots!  she needs a few adjustments but I think she may make a lovely pattern when she's finished.

But today I am working on the final two princesses for those who have been patiently waiting for them!  I hope to have them done by Friday so that I can post them up here and get them out at the weekend.  

I'd love to know what you do when the day to day gets to be a bit too much, do you craft or get outside, cook or sleep?