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Daisy girl bag kit

I have spent most of the weekend working, catching up with commissions while my partner is at home to occupy/educate the children!  Kits have been put together, but I think I may start a production line with the help of the children next time.

There is one kit in my Etsy shop but I will add more later in the week

Weekending 002

I'm now sitting here looking at a notecard I drew in May for a friend that still has no writing in it along with her son's birthday card (that my son drew) thinking hmmm I really should write in it and maybe even send it!!

Weekending 005

but I also have my (and Annis's) wild olive summer stitching project in front of me (don't tell Miss Paula and Jen how very little we have done!!).  It is now three weeks in and this is how far we have got!  I just don't understand where the time goes.

And now it's almost time to go look at the super moon!!  So I've a bad feeling that blogging rather than doing the above things might mean that they will just be staying on my table for another day!

I hope you had a more productive weekend than I did


mermaids in the sea

Etsy mermaid

finally I have finished the mermaids and even listed the pattern for sale.  

I have loved working with blues and greens for a change, making me feel cool, calm and collected.

Mermaid swimming seaweed

I adore this pink hera fabric by Liberty, I get it from a lovely folksy shop, Very Berry Fabrics where you can buy little pieces of liberty fabric just perfect for appliqueing mermaid tails 


or your daisy girl's dress

Mermaid swimming top

I think I'm going to make the blue one into a cushion when I can find the right fabric.  I'll pop a tutorial on here if it all works out well.  I will also pop on  a tutorial for scallop stitch if the sun ever ever ever comes out for a bit of photography.

Tomorrow I'm planning to blog about some of my favourite stitchers (possibly a series!!!) and their blogs.

Now I'm going for a cup of tea and a browse on Etsy




this should be a weekending post but it rained and it rained and I could have taken dull photos in our dark house but I thought better of it! 

Despite the rain we had a lovely lazy father's day with chocolate and films and trifle

and I did manage to get a bit of stitching done too

Mermaid one

my mermaid pattern is coming along.  I have used a mixture of back stitch with a single thread and split stitch with two threads for outlining depending on the thickness of the lines


Her hair is backstitched but I do think it would look nice in split stitch or chain stitch.  The sparkle shows up a little better here and I think it's worth the effort (and the sweary moments!).  It has a tendency to sort of gather so if I'm not concentrating I can have quite a bit of waste from it!


I learnt this stitch as a scallop stitch, I'm not sure if that's the real name or not but it's perfect for mermaid's scales.  I sort of wished I'd used the variegated thread for the tail but I love this colour so I'm not too unhappy!  The tail would also be lovely appliqued.  I'll be doing a tutorial for this stitch as soon as the sun shines long enough for photos!


I love seed stitch so I've enjoyed filling her rock with tiny stitches!  and there's even a little starfish at the bottom


I still have the fish to finish and I think I may add some writing at the top, although I haven't quite decided about that yet.  The waves are a gorgeous variegated thread (the one I wish I'd used for the tail!).

I hope she'll be finished this week and in my shop at the weekend as a pdf pattern and as a sampler.

I hope you had a lovely, and maybe dry, weekend


mermaids and sixteen


last week's excuse was camping, this week's is a birthday


a sixteen year old in the house, and you all know what I'm going to say!  How did that happen?  I'm sure he was just a tiny toddler the last time I looked.  Where do all the years go?!

At least he (and my older 19 year old!) still likes (or even insists upon) the birthday throne, the crown that he's had since he was five (it's stretched a bit!) and the sweets, candles and wooden birthday circle.

But apart from coming to terms with the passing of time and watching my boy cycling off on his new road bike with dreams of the Tour de France I have been busy trying to organize my youngest girl so she can be a more self sufficient home ed girl.

I am intending to start using another blog that we set up as a family to focus on home ed a little more.  The reason we wanted to blog about family life a little now is that I find very little written about teens and home ed online.  Perhaps we're supposed to have it all sorted by now!  Anyway I will pop a link on here once we get the blog properly going.

And a little bit of stitching (more pattern design really).  Inspired by the sea, and the mermaid of Zennor along with all the other mermaids we read about...


I'm thinking of a mermaid cushion.  I'm going to add more decorative elements around her and probably offer her as a pattern and sampler

Mermaid threads

I went with Annis to choose some sea colours yesterday.  Blues are not colours that I normally use a lot but I am enjoying looking at these lovely aquas and blues, it makes me want to go swimming!

Mermaid hair

and I've got the sparkle back out, sadly it never photographs very well (or I don't photograph it very well!!) but it's a lovely silver mixed with a pale yellow, just glittering a little.  

And now back to listening to my sixteen year old reading aloud from Great Expectations


mini adventures

Helford 044

we had plans for this summer.. plans of wild swimming in France, but the best laid plans and all that..  Work commitments have only left very small gaps over the whole summer so rather than be sad about it we decided to make the most of where we live.

Helford 007

Luckily for us, summer happened all of a sudden for a week where our commitments were low and our friends were bobbing on the helford in their sailing boat.

Helford 006

so some of us kayaked in and some of us drove around with the camping stuff and we set up camp on the quay

Helford 027

there was swimming,  swinging, kayaking, toasting marshmallows, mud bathing, fires, glow stick juggling, card games, a touch of pimms (just the adults!) and it all ended with a little bit of snorkelling and wave jumping

Helford 021

Helford 050

Helford 035

and now the rain is falling but we don't really mind too much because we know that we can have lots more mini adventures over the summer and France can wait until next year