stitching paper


Daisy girl bag kit

I have spent most of the weekend working, catching up with commissions while my partner is at home to occupy/educate the children!  Kits have been put together, but I think I may start a production line with the help of the children next time.

There is one kit in my Etsy shop but I will add more later in the week

Weekending 002

I'm now sitting here looking at a notecard I drew in May for a friend that still has no writing in it along with her son's birthday card (that my son drew) thinking hmmm I really should write in it and maybe even send it!!

Weekending 005

but I also have my (and Annis's) wild olive summer stitching project in front of me (don't tell Miss Paula and Jen how very little we have done!!).  It is now three weeks in and this is how far we have got!  I just don't understand where the time goes.

And now it's almost time to go look at the super moon!!  So I've a bad feeling that blogging rather than doing the above things might mean that they will just be staying on my table for another day!

I hope you had a more productive weekend than I did