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sketching and instagramming

Bunny ears main

this week I've been enjoying doing a little bit of sketching rather than stitching (sorry Paula).  I am having fun with aceos mainly because it is like making tiny fairy pictures (they are only 3.5" x 2.5").

Pinks main

it's a lovely thing to do in the evenings and at the moment the evenings are all I've had for working.  For some reason our summer so far has been very busy and mostly with the educational stuff we usually leave behind us at this time of year.  Teague is studying for English and French IGCSEs and his piano grade 3 (the first one he's done) and needs some help.  

Race and dog walk 002

Then there's the cycling which has had us driving around the county (ironically) to get him to time trials and races.  


And we need to get out and enjoy the beach as we're not sure how long summer will last 

Fairy hair

so a little bit of day/evening dreaming and fairy/pixie sketching has been beautifully relaxing in the evenings

Fairy sparkle main

I have also (due to a rather nice birthday present) got myself onto instagram as lilipoposketches.  I have a little button shaped like a camera at the top of my blog on the right which should take you to my page.  I'm really not sure what I can do there yet as I've only just set it up but please leave me your instagram names and I will visit your pages (once I work out how to do it!).

Blue fairy

and there are a few fairies left in my folksy shop at the moment although I think I will be making more along with some custom cards I have been asked to make.  

I may be a little absent next week as we have visitors almost on their way and chaos will definitely ensue.  But the very best kind of sister/nieces/cousins chaos, hopefully with a little bit of sunshine too.


Naughty internets and birthdays


Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.  On my birthday the internets broke!!  At first we thought it was all of the internets but then realized it was our very old sad livebox.  The man on the phone promised to send us a new shiny bright box!!!  But this would not come for nearly a week so we were internet free! 

PicMonkey Collage

despite the lack of computer (or perhaps because of!)  I had a lovely birthay with wonderful presents 


a beautiful hot day spent mostly in and around the sea


even Ash stepped daintily into the water (it was exceptionally hot!)


Annis made this lovely origami and calligraphy picture for my work wall


and the funniest David Shrigley card ever from Jason, apparently I need to put it on my work desk and just point to it whenever I am interrupted (most of the day really!)

In celebration of my birthday and our lovely new bright box I have a coupon for 20% off in my Etsy shop for any purchases of £5 or over.  (The kits are not included).  So if you would like to use the discount just use the code BRIGHTBOXBLOG when you purchase.

The discount code will stay there until Friday (I'm not sure when on Friday as Etsy seems to control that!)

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend with or without internets!!


slowly stitching beach huts


The beach hut pattern is slowly coming along.  There will be three beach huts on the main pattern and then one or two single beach huts that will fit into a hoop for framing I think

Huts bunting

I'm loving working on all the detail of these huts

Huts lifebelt

The lifebelt is my favourite part so far!


I will put a colour guide in but I think the fun is in getting to decorate your own beach hut any way you like.  It's one of the things I love about embroidery


I'm thinking that this summery pattern may not be ready before our summer is over!!  

And by the way, don't worry it's not raining just yet I just managed to get up before everyone else in the quiet of the house this morning.  It's especially nice because today is my birthday and I get a little bit of quiet time, not always easy in a house of five!

I'll be back later in the week


wordless wednesday with words and weekending too!!


I'm a bit behind with my blogging but you see it's here!!  Finally we have summer sunshine!

We are so afraid that it might disappear again that we are trying to be out in it (well not in the hottest bit as we would probably frazzle, it's so long since we've seen the sun) most of the time.


a bit of stitching is happening on the beach


But if I'm honest there's a lot more swimming and barbequeing and dozing going on!


You will know when it starts raining as I will be back here with embroidery pics!!

Hope you're all having lovely days too


cotton perle number 8

my lovely daughter has bought me some portuguese cotton perle and linen for my birthday from here
I have not been allowed to look at the parcel (it's not my birthday until next week) but she assures me they are 'utterly beautiful'!!
Cotton perle is something that i haven't used since childhood so (because I couldn't wait) I bought some DMC cotton perle to have a go
Stem stitch
and I'm rather enjoying it.  The lines are so much cleaner than the usual stranded cotton, great for bold lines.  I'm rather liking the stem stitch with this thread, a lot neater than my usual stem stitch.
Lazy daisy
and I seem to have more control over the petals of my lazy daisy!  
I'm using a thicker thread than I would normally use so it's perhaps less suited to subtle work but I'm looking forward to trying it out properly.
Do you have a preference with threads, perle or stranded, DMC or Anchor or perhaps some other more exciting threads?

weekending and weeking!!

Bunny ears whole

This week I have been more than a little absent.  I have been stitching my socks off getting work ready for an August craft fair in St Just.  It is pretty much the only fair I do but it requires stitched goods so I have been very busy stitching!  A percentage of the profits of the fair go towards a cancer charity and I need enough work for three weeks!  

Green daisy legs

this week I concentrated on phone cases (I have also listed a few of these in my Etsy shop).  Next week I will be concentrating on glasses cases but I intend to take a little break for a bit of sketching too.  

Beach huts

I have festival girls, gothic girls, beach huts (Paula)


bathers and crows in my sketchbooks, all waiting for me to work on them and stitch them but there just aren't enough hours in the day at the moment and of course the sun is shining!!!  Hot hot hot, this week is summer.  So I will have to take my work to the beach and bask in the sunshine while sketching beach huts and boats, sandcastles and swimmers.

I hope you can enjoy this hot hot weather 



joining in the hexie fun

Wild olive close up

I have been very very slow to get going with these hexies for the wild olive summer stitching club but on Sunday evening after our wild weekend a bit of quiet stitching that didn't need too much concentration was just what was called for.

Wild olive 2

There was pink in there the last time I showed you my hexies but green and yellow are my daughter's favourite colours of the moment (it's for her) and the pink just wasn't working with the green so it has been removed for a more modern bright look than I would ever normally do (not looking quite so bright as today is such a dull day for photography!!)  But I like them and (perhaps more importantly) so does Annis.

I am still a little bit behind but I will be caught up by next week and I have to say making hexies is most relaxing.  My next plan is for an old fashioned hexie knitting bag something like this .

Are you having fun with hexies this week?



Mazey day 001

I think that the weekend is just about all I'm managing to blog here at the moment but I will try harder this week!

This weekend was THE weekend of the year here in Penzance... Mazey weekend, the grand finale of the Golowan festival.  Golowan is a week long music and arts type festival with all sorts of things going on in Penzance from banner and boat making to bands and poetry.

My personal favourite part of the whole week is Mazey eve

Mazey eve 011

when there are fireworks 

Mazey eve 047

Penglaze comes out of his dark home

Mazey eve 059

and best of all we get to serpent dance around the town.  A most exhilerating and wild time being pulled wherever Penglaze decides to go.

Mazey day 004

After that comes Mazey day with stalls, music and processions throughout the day

And finally on Sunday a more peaceful quay fair day down by the harbour.  Everyone is much more subdued after a party weekend but the music is still playing.  This year we stopped to listen to some cornish bagpipes and watch the Cornish dancing but sadly our photographer was off on his bike so no photos!

And now, a grey day, perfect for getting on with some stitching and some blogging and some sketching!