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Bear in a balloon

things are very busy at the moment with stitching up my new pattern and working on a few commissions so I thought that I could link to some of the blog posts that have inspired me in my tea breaks this week

I've been loving this gorgeous cross stitch from &stitches and am feeling inspired to try out that lovely double cross stitch. 

And another stitch I didn't know over at Kimberly Ouimet's fab blog a 'ringed backstitch filling stitch

I love absolutely everything Murgatroyd and Bean do but this lovely feathered chain stitch is another stitch I really want to try this week.

Are there any beautiful stitches that you are just dying to try?


Fabrics for embroidery


I have had quite a few questions recently about what kind of fabrics I use for embroidering

so these are the two main fabrics that I use

on the left is an organic calico from Raystitch (I think this is described as a muslin in America).


 This is a medium weight fabric and needs a couple of washes to soften it a little.  I like the nubby texture of this fabric 


The second fabric is a beautiful Robert Kauffman essex linen which I usually buy from celticfusionfabrics

I love this fabric but it is considerably more expensive than calico.  My new toothfairy cushions will be linen as I love the idea of linen heirloom pieces.


I have just ordered some pale pink of the same linen for a commission tooth fairy cushion


For my applique, although I sometimes use other fabrics, I most definitely have a preference for liberty tana lawn.  It is light and Liberty make lots of tiny prints perfect for tiny dresses and bunting  I do keep EVERY tiny scrap right down to butterfly wing size (about 2mm).

Liberty tana lawn is quite an expensive fabric, especially if you only need a tiny scrap for a dress, but don't despair because the lovely very berry fabrics has a lovely selection of small pieces ranging from mini singles that measure 9" x 12" to scrap bags of tiny scraps.  There's even a selection of ditsy fabrics.

What are your favourite fabrics for embroidering or appliqueing?



balloons and cuteness


I am busy working on some new patterns that I hope will make lovely kits for beginners or children but also cute embroideries for a child's room.

I have had drawings of balloons on and off ever since I started making embroidery patterns and yet for some reason I have never actually made up a pattern with them.  But balloons make a perfect base for a sampler to try out lovely stitches and colours.


So I'm hoping to have these cute little creatures taking part in a grand balloon race ready for stitching this week.

I think these might make cute embroideries on baby items or perhaps on a little shoulder bag, maybe even framed in a child's room.

What would you embroider them onto?


New patterns!!


Yes it's finally in my shop after a marathon Saturday on illustrator, photoshop and word!!

There is the pattern for the three beach huts

Hut one

and  a pattern for a single beach hut that will fit nicely into a hoop and that you can customize yourself


I think it would make a great cushion or just a cool picture in a frame.  I will be making up the single hut and I think I might even paint the frame.  I will pop my experiments on here.

the pattern is available here

Purples journal

and the second pattern that is available is the girl in her new dress

Purples head

and her Gatsby inspired head dress

she is available here

Purples legs

and now I shall move away from the computer and go look out the window while there is still some light!


commercial licence

Commercial licence

I receive a lot of requests to allow people to sell items that they have made using my embroidery patterns so today I have listed a commercial licence in my Etsy shop.  It costs £10 and each licence covers one pattern.

If I have already given permission don't worry that still stands for the patterns that you have bought.

The licence allows small craft businesses to produce items to sell using my designs for hand embroidery.  It does not allow mass production using my designs.

Hopefully this is all clear but if you need any more info please email me at


this week's excuse...

Annis birthday blog

I am very conscious of poor blogging habits in the summer this year!  Partly it's because (unlike last year) this year we have a summer!!  But recently it was a 13th birthday in the house and a houseful of cousins (and my sister).  Unfortunately this was accompanied by quite a lot of poorlyness!  Including Annis's birthday!

But the day everyone felt better we took the open top 300 bus service for  a most wonderful day trip

St ives 001

cousin one, the main instigator of the singing (???) and the one who welcomed everyone to the top deck of 'the fun bus'

St ives 060

the top deck of the fun bus before the rain (not that the rain deterred the children from staying up there!)

St ives 021

the route

St ives 033

arriving at lands end

Lands end

a very dramatic lands end

St ives 051

two more cousins having a happy time

St ives 065

The girl cousins with attitude!

This day trip was fabulous, everyone enjoyed it and I thoroughly recommend the open top bus if you ever visit Cornwall, although you may not get the singing and 'welcomed to the fun bus' if we're not there!

I must credit my son Teague for the great photos too.

He is also responsible for Annis's favourite birthday card.   He asked me what to draw on her card and I suggested unicorns as she loves unicorns.  He looked for five minutes for a horse book to help him draw a unicorn, gave up and drew this instead

Unicorn poo

explained inside the card

Unicorn poo inside


I promise to be back with sewing later in the week, once I am all caught up and the illness is finally banished from our house!

I have plans for an organized blog, in fact I have plans for an organized life but we'll see!!!