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September 2013

Home again home again...


After two lovely weeks away in unusually hot weather we are home again.

The christening was lovely


The men were all smart


and the day was full of laughter and photography battles!

Now we are home and plunged straight into autumn.  I have the crocheted blankets back out and am trying to stitch without getting blanket tassles tangled up with my threads.  But the cold wet weather has meant productivity

Balloonists with pattern

Balloonist kitty

Blue balloon

Gold balloon

I have finished my little balloonist friends and popped the pattern in my etsy shop for sale along with some single lavender girl kits.

I am also working on some cute little autumn patterns from my sketchbook, similar to the balloonists.

I hope you have all had a lovely summer (or winter depending on where you are) and are ready for the next season.  

I am finishing my woollen socks and my shawl before starting on arm warmers.  Who mentioned an Indian summer??


on our travels


we are on our travels north for the next couple of weeks for a christening!  Little Sapphie is finally big enough for her christening dress!  

We're also planning on a home ed trip to Lincoln to visit the castle and look at the Magna Carta, although the kids are more interested in the lunch at Brown's pie shop!

And, for the first time in my life, I will get to see Humberston, Jason's childhood beach.

So here's hoping for some warm weather

I have packed my sketchbook and a little bit of stitching and will see you all when I get back

Have a lovely couple of weeks