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Matryoshka frost

every year it's the same, I can't really think about christmassy things until it's really too near christmas to have them finished in time for my shop!!  This is the beginnings of a matryoshka embroidery kit


originally she had lines of fern stitch but I really didn't like it so I had to start her over again


I'm much happier with this pattern but she's still not finished!  Perhaps I will have to get her ready for next christmas.


aside from working on a lot of commissions I am also easily distracted by things.  So when J said 'why don't you try your pencil drawings on grey paper?' I put my stitching down and went out to buy some grey paper!


which I really like.  I also like the idea of stitching in dark grey onto a lighter grey linen, another distraction!

Oh! and did I mention dolls, I can't stop thinking about how to make dolls at the moment.  Little dolls in cases or bags.  I remember as a child I loved small things in bags or boxes.

And then there's the home education, moving from Germaine Greer (T's English IGCSE) to ecosystems in Wicken Fen taking a little French in along the way.

As for preparing for christmas!  I'm just pretending it's still only September, so please don't tell me there are only 32 sleeps until christmas!!



GLASGOW! 062 blog

Annis and I have just got back from an exciting trip to Glasgow, a chance to dress up city style, shop, eat cake, go to an unusual theatrical show and look at a bit of architecture and galleries, did I mention eating cake?

GLASGOW! 017 blog

Annis's favourite place, the prince's arcade, we don't really have anything quite like this in Penzance!!

GLASGOW! 022blog

we went up and down the glass elevator, up and down the stairs and up and down the escalators.  Those stairs are just so beautiful

GLASGOW! 135 blog

oh and of course there was the shop of Annis's favourite designer in the universe, an unexpected treat.

GLASGOW! 031 blog

the other side was sudden pockets of demolition 


the most incredible Russian kinetic theatre that I would absolutely recommend to anyone visiting Glasgow.  We could only see the short show but it was moving and so beautiful.

GLASGOW! 063  blog

then a very brief trip to Edinburgh just because we've never been

GLASGOW! 124 blog

I couldn't go without seeing the Glasgow school of Art

GLASGOW! 133 blog

and an architectural cake trip to this Rennie Mackintosh building too

I would also recommend the Modern Institute for some cutting edge interesting modern art

There are so many more things I would like to see in Glasgow.  I think it is possibly one of my favourite cities and without doubt the friendliest city we've ever been to, someone asked us if we needed any help before we'd even opened our map!

I can't wait to go back!  But for now I think it's time to get on with some work, well maybe on Monday...