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December 2013

...all in a year

Embroidery collage

When I started looking through the photos from this year I thought I would have enough for one collage but I was surprised by just how much happened this year and it was so lovely looking back over the year that this post has taken me quite some time to put together!

There was an awful lot of stitching (as you might expect) and I was surprised at just how bright a lot of it was.  Possibly because at the moment I have more neutral and muted colours on my mind.

New patterns collage

There were more new patterns than I realised (I must work harder than I think I do!).  Just over one a month


there was sketching galore, some made it into patterns, some into prints, some stayed as drawings and some just haven't quite got anywhere yet...


there were beautiful supplies, threads and fabrics galore.  Especially all those liberty scraps which went towards...

Daisy girl

the stitching up of an incredible number of lavender girls and eventually a huge number of lavender girl kits too.

Tutorials collage

there were even some tutorials!  The link to these is at the top of the page.

Our year a

and then there was life... quite a bit of it in or on the sea, not enough of it at the allotment, some of it with family, and some of it with friends.  Sometimes under canvas and  a little bit of city too.


we all got a year older and did some wonderful celebrating with family too.

I want to thank all my readers for helping to make this year so lovely with all your comments and support.

I hope you have all had your share of happiness this year.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014

Happy New Year