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January 2014

a little birdhouse fairy

Basket small

my little birdhouse fairy is finished and her basket is full of love to share.  I have to admit that one good thing about all this wet weather is that it's perfect for stitching.

Birdhouse small

I've used quite delicate colours on a natural linen that I got from frumble.  I love working on linen but the colours are all much more subtle, not the easiest to photograph!  Especially on these grey wet days.

Whole pic small

She is going to be the centre panel on a cushion just as soon as I can make my mind up about fabric!  The pattern is available over in my Etsy shop.

Tiny fairy

I have started on the design for the toothfairy cushions.  I'm thinking of making them as kits too.  I loved making my daughter a toothfairy cushion (all that time ago when she was only six!!).

Tiny fairy stitched

Here I've stitched her entirely in a single strand because I like the delicacy you get from one strand, closer to a drawing.  Linen again, I'm not sure whether to back the cushion with a print and a felt heart pocket or more linen and a print pocket...

This rainy weather is clearly good for my work ethic even if it's not very nice for walking a whippet.  We sneak out in a moment of dry and usually get soaked through before we get home again!  

Maybe I can trick one of the children into walking him today and get on with some more sewing...



and the fun goes on...


I absolutely love a bit of snail mail and confess to being something of a stationery junky!  

Not just cards, but notebooks, journals, sketchbooks... they are the only things that I hoard, well if you don't count fabric and embroidery threads and pens...

Pinkish postcard pack

and so while I have been waiting for the sun to come out (many days) I have also been working on some little notecards

Green postcards


these are in my Etsy and Folksy shops at the moment.

Now I'm hoping to get some drawing done, sadly the sun still isn't out for me to photograph the birdhouse embroidery and finish the pattern instructions but apparently tomorrow it's not raining!!!  So maybe tomorrow...

birdhouse fairy and new skills


What a week!  

I have been learning new skills alongside making this new (as yet only almost finished) pattern.

My son has been helping me learn to use Adobe illustrator.  He has been telling me, for some considerable time, that it would make my life easier in the long run and I have been telling him that I just don't have the time for new computer skills... but I was wrong!


I am interspersing this text with photos of my birdhouse fairy partly because this is the pattern I am learning illustrator with and partly because illustrator is not very pretty to look at.

It still takes a long time to go from drawing to pattern but the process is more enjoyable than photoshop  and I can change the line colours to any colour I like!  This means I can have a nice little pic of the pattern with all the appropriate colours for the different lines, making the pattern a little easier to follow.


This pattern is all stitched up now but the sun just won't come out for me to take some good pics so I have to wait to finish the instructions :(

But I'm sure the sun will come back eventually and in the meantime I will be turning this embroidery into a cushion.

I hope you're enjoying your stitching in this grey wet weather in the UK.

I think it may be a little warmer elsewhere!



Somnambulist cover

My somnambulist is finally finished!  

I feel like something of a sleepwalker after spending the whole morning on photoshop removing any tiny, tiny, tiny marks from the pattern!

Somnambulist back

I have used a lot of glittery thread in this one.  I prefer the glitter to the satin thread as it's not as slippery.  But it comes with it's own problems, it has a tendency to snag.  I found that keeping the thread MUCH shorter than I would usually helped a great deal.

Somnambulist flowers

and I do love the end result with the glitter threads.

I'm now thinking this would look rather nice on dark blue linen with white, silver and blue glittery threads (I'm not thinking when am I going to have time to do this!!) it would be a good opportunity to try out some transfer methods for darker fabrics.

I think this somnambulist is going to become a pillow for my daughter (she has an immense collection of pillows and cushions, all of which are on her bed!).

If you would like to buy the pattern it is available for download over here in my Etsy shop.

Now on to my little fairy with her hearts and birds


bird houses and hearts

Sketch love

I cannot stick to one thing at once when I'm working on patterns so I have a second pattern on the go which will possibly be finished before the first one!  Mainly because the sun is out here!!!  And I feel sunny and spring like all of a sudden (and possibly want to make the most of it before it goes away again)

Pink cheeks

so this is my little love embroidery pattern with a sweet little fairy gathering and sharing love.  I'm sewing this one on linen with some very pastelly colours (the spring influence)  and I'm planning to turn it into a kit/sampler for a cushion panel.

Bird house

I wanted to keep the stitching very simple so I've stuck to backstitch for all the outlining.  This still took me an hour and a quarter to stitch including time to answer the door to an unbelievable number of people wanting to sell me things!!  I can't possibly work in my pyjamas with so many people knocking on the door!

I shall try again today and hopefully get a little further...

I hope it is sunshine (with warmth or chill depending on your season) wherever you are.  I think we need a bit of sun to dry up all the excess water here!


Happy New Year!

The truth is that I wasn't really ready for the New Year on New Year's Day, or the day after, in fact I'm only just beginning to get that new beginnings feeling.


The weather has been more than a little wild down here right over christmas and new year.

When we did our christmas crazy dip on Christmas Day the coast guard were there to make sure that none of the 200 of us went over waist height.  Most of us fell in at knee height and that was enough!

I think the lack of cold bright weather means we haven't been out walking the way we usually would and therefore haven't had that thinking time that fresh cold air always seems to help with.  


our beautiful table top hyacinth decided that the weather wasn't going to stop her flowering and the buds started unfurling on New Year's Day!

It's taking me a little longer but I have made some decisions. 

I won't be making any more glasses cases or phone cases.  It's very difficult to charge a price that reflects the work that goes into them and I am receiving more and more commissions for one off pieces which are fun to do so I think I will concentrate more on making individual items.

Fairy pillow

 Fairy pillows are something I love making and I will be putting some of those in my shop towards the end of the month with the option of commissioning one that is more personalised.


I am having lots of thoughts about little doll cushions in little matchboxes but I'm still playing with that idea at the moment.  I loved little dolls in boxes and pouches as a child (I still do!) and I love  the idea of embellishing and decorating the box!

Embellish collage

Of course I have patterns in the making


at the moment I'm working on a 'somnambulist' (one of my very favourite words!)

my plan is to surround her with flowers in a moonlit garden, a sort of garden of dreams (unlike my poor forgotten allotment!! another New Year's resolution!)

Pattern doodle

and I have this doodlish sketch waiting in the wings for some stitching

So I suppose, with all this work I've set myself I better get on with organising the rest of life!  Children, allotment, housework...

I hope you have lots of lovely stitching projects on the go.  January always seems like the perfect time for them (at least in England!)