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May 2014

a home ed month


The past month has been a crazy home education month.  We were taken out of our normal, fairly relaxed home ed routine to cope with exam time!  


My oldest son went into college to take his GCSEs and A levels so I haven't had the experience of home educating to a curriculum before.  Middle son has never been a school/college sort of person, cycling, nature and art have always kept him happy.  Last year we decided to start some IGCSEs, English and French first, as they would take longer, and then we would add maths.  There was no hurry as he had no desire to go to college for A levels and was just going to work on his portfolio for Art college.


Then suddenly, a few months ago, he decided he wanted to go to college this coming September!!  We knew we couldn't do Maths this year (the deadline had already passed) so we knocked ourselves out on getting him through his English.  He went for an interview at the college and they liked his work and agreed to accept him with just his English IGCSE.  


So for the past month we have lived and breathed English, sadly studying English for an exam is not the most exciting thing, even for an avid reader like my son.  But we worked hard together and yesterday he took his second exam... It's all over until the results.


and if he doesn't get his English... he'll be fine.  He'll continue cycling all those miles every week, volunteering for the RSPB, bird watching, photographing, reading, drawing and drawing and drawing.  Because, after all, those things are his passions and I think passion is what leads you to where you should be in life.

So, right now, I'm feeling for all those teenagers who are sitting their exams and remembering how important and stressful it all seemed when I took mine.  I think it's so important to remind our children that they'll be fine whatever happens with exams and give them a little time to find and develop their passions.

Not a very stitchy post today!  But  I really haven't had a very stitchy month this month!!

There were some lovely links in the comments in my post about making a travel embroidery kit and tomorrow I will be popping a post on here and linking to some of the lovely blogs I've found through the comments


Photos by Teague Popovski-Smith


16 May 2014

There has been an unofficial lilipopo break here as we are zooming towards exam time. My work has had to go on a back burner.

But at the end of next week I'm hoping to be back on track and finishing the pirate pattern at the very least.

This afternoon we took a well deserved break at the beach for a couple of hours in the sunshine. So lovely to feel as though warmer weather is finally here.

Next week, in between revision sessions and taxes, I'm hoping to put together a portable embroidering work box/bag ready for future days on the beach. If I manage it I will share it here.

I would love to hear any ideas (or see pics) of how you transport your stitching

16 May 2014

16 May 2014