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June 2014



it's been so long I'm surprised I could find my way back to my little blog!

Of course the above picture is the reason why!

And not even a holiday, all that sunshine, sea and sand was right here in Cornwall!


but we treated it like a holiday and took the opportunity to take the open top bus to Porthcurno beach.  And it felt like a holiday, so many languages being spoken around us, one of the things I love about summer down here


and because we know that summer often only lasts until the summer holidays we took our work outside.  Sketching (a little bit), swimming and sunning a whole lot more.



and there's been quite a lot of cooking and visitors (those who are no longer at school).


in the last couple of days the paint set has been dusted off


with thoughts of party invitations (thanks to my daughter who has been planning her party for the last three months!!)


and some messing about in sketchbooks


I've even made some gifts from a lovely zakka book that I found on Ebay!

and finally...


Perhaps just a spot of work, a tiny bit of starting on a summer kit for a hoop framed embroidery.  

So now after a whole month's worth of writing in  one blog post I will get on with deciding about stitching one or two of these girls up.

I hope you're enjoying the sunshine (if you're over this way) or cosying up for your winter with a little bit of stitching