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a stitchalong idea

Blog 298

It has been suggested by my lovely instagram followers (lilipoposketches is my instagram name) that a stitch along might be a nice idea.  I can't decide if it is two words or one so I have used both!

Anyhow I thought that it would indeed be a nice idea and that it might make a lovely bit of a stitchy thing to do in the autumn (at least autumn here in the UK)

Blog 2982

I wanted to do something a little wintery and I am a fanatical list maker (it doesn't actually make me any more organized it just makes me feel as though I am).  I have bullet journals for work and home/family, two filofaxes, a sketch journal, a journal journal...  As I said 'fanatical'.

So I was thinking along the lines of 'this year I am absolutely going to be ready for christmas (ssssshhhhhh) way before it actually arrives... I need a special little book of christmas lists' (little so that I can hide it away and pretend I am not already thinking about christmas).

And I had a cute little sketch of a scandi style girl with all her christmas lists on bits of scrap paper.

Blog 2983

So I've been messing around stitching her

Blog 2984

and this is my plan

in mid September I will pop the link to the pattern for the girl here on my blog

I am going to stitch her up as a notebook cover to cover the really small pretty moleskine cahier books (they come in packs of three). 

I will photograph my progress on here and set up a flickr group for anyone joining in.

You can either make her up the same way I do (I will pop a notebook tutorial on here) or do something else entirely with her, it's up to you :)

I hope this mention of christmas isn't too soon but I know that us crafters have to start thinking a little earlier than the shoppers!

Now I'm taking the week off for my mum coming down for a holiday

See you in a week


all kinds of cats

Blog cat

after all of the book keeping (due to being rubbish at keeping up with book keeping on a regular basis) I finally got down to stitching and illustratoring and note writing and the 'all kinds of cats' pattern is finally in my shop.

Blog cat 2

I've had enormous fun creating these cats.  It was difficult to narrow colours down!  And the more I stitched the more I thought of where I could put all these cats.  I'm thinking of enlarging one or two to create a cat kit for beginners (or children).

Cats collage

These were my final colour choices but there could easily have been many more.  I think the fun of these patterns might well be in colour choices and fabric for the tums!

And now I think I probably need to start thinking about christmas, quite difficult with the summer sun still just about with us but this year I am going to be organized! 


New things and thoughts on a stitchalong

St ives

After a lovely 'staycation' in Cornwall with my sister and neices visiting consisting of some beautiful days by the sea in St Ives

Birthday girl

and a fourteenth birthday (which for my instagram followers, you know who you are Karen Ruane, was not my fourteenth birthday but my daughter's birthday) see how happy she is with her one direction card from her cheeky cousins (they think she is Harry Styles' twin)

Bunny kit collage

I am finally back at work!  There are bunny kits in my shop (well there are two at the moment but there will be more later in the week when my fabric arrives).

There are also two more patterns on the way over the next two weeks which I will pop on here as they are finished (one involves cats).

And (thanks again to my lovely instagram followers) I am having thoughts about an autumn stitchalong.  Time for honesty here, I have never actually properly taken part in a stitch along so I am not sure whether stitchers do their own thing with a pattern or follow what I do.  I'm thinking that both could be possible.  My sort of idea is a free pattern in September and then I will post my own progress and colours, stitches etc. on here as we go along.  That way people can either follow mine or do it their own way.

Any useful hints about stitchalongs would be welcome

So now it's back to illustrator and blurry eyes from to much focussing on a computer screen while the rainy weather is with us