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mushrooms and packing

Mushroom pixie full

Yet again a very poor blogger!  I have to admit that home ed GCSEs and packing kits have somehow taken over my life.  Which is why it took so long for this little autumnal embroidery to appear.

I have been doing little bits of stitching in between things 

Mushroom three

I still have a few (!!) unfinished projects and about a gazillion ideas in my sketchbook patiently waiting for their moment

Mushroom pixie hat

but today I can focus on the completed stuff!!  So here is my new pattern already in my Etsy shop.  A little autumnal pixie in amongst the mushrooms in her peruvian knitted hat.  And of course with a little bit of liberty bunting!  I love those liberty scraps

Mushroom pixie closer full

I am attempting to become a better time manager in the light of all this craziness.  We are  not a 'busy' family by nature so this change to college times and keeping up with gcse subjects is all a bit new to us.  No doubt it will all settle down eventually!! 

So now back to posting parcels and French and English lessons!

and I will try to blog more often


stitch along book cover - final post

Notebook cover pic 7

finally!  the final post of the stitch along.  I hope you enjoyed the embroidery and I hope it has encouraged a few people to try a bit of embroidery too.

These are the instructions for the book cover.  There are lots of tutorials out there for book covers and lots of Japanese magazines and books that contain instructions for various versions (I get my Japanese craft magazines from here)  but this is how I like to cover notebooks.

These instructions are to cover a small moleskine pastel cahier (9cm x 14cm)

Once you have stitched your girl cut the top and bottom inch that you marked off.  So that you are left with a rectangle measuring 16.5cm x 33cm.

Next cut a piece of medium weight interfacing the same size as your embroidered piece

Notebook cover pic 1

and iron it onto the back of your embroidered piece.

Notebook cover pic 2

Next I fold the fabric around the book to make sure that I am happy with where I need to fold it and mark the folds for the flaps and the centre back of the cover.

Notebook cover pic 3

Now turn the two short edges in by 1cm and hem them.

Notebook cover pic 4

Now cut a piece of lining fabric (I like this to be pretty even though you can hardly see it in the book!) 16cm tall x 15cm wide and hem the two edges with a 1cm seam allowance so it should now measure 16cm x 13cm.

Notebook cover pic 5

with the right side of your embroidered piece facing up fold the flaps in and pin them.  (Your flaps are folded onto the right side if this makes sense!)

Next lay your lining on top (with the right side facing down) centring it with the mark you made for the centre back on the embroidered piece.  And pin in place.

Now stitch right across the bottom with a 1cm seam allowance.  Then stitch right across the top with a 1cm seam allowance

Notebook cover pic 6

And trim your seam to about 0.5cm neatly.

Now you have to turn the whole thing out and press it, pushing the corners out gently.

And finally slide your notebook in.

Notebook cover pic 7

I'm sorry the pictures aren't quite as bright as I would have liked but the sunshine seems to have left for now!  

I hope you enjoyed the stitchalong and don't forget there is a hashtag that I keep forgetting to use over on instagram #lilipopostitches

Well I'd better get on and start filling that christmas list notebook!!


1-the pattern

2-transferring the pattern

3-stitching the hat

4-stitching the hair and face

5-stitching the dress

6-stitching the tights

7-you are here