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November 2014

dolls and things

Black doll size

I had plans for the autumn months that have just passed, plans for kits and patterns but time was not on my side this year.  There have been family sadnesses and family happy news which have made for a turbulent autumn but this is all part of life and sometimes some things just have to be put on hold for a while until life settles back down again.

Blue and pink

Gradually over the last couple of weeks I have been stitching cushion dolls.  Each one has her own little quirks and I have loved creating them.  Quiet time choosing colours and fabrics, deciding on hairstyles and then, finally the stitching.  Where to put those french knots?

Pink head

Not to mention how much blush?  

Red doll face

I love being absorbed in the tiny stitches and all the choices along the way.  I love the slow process of embroidery.  Hand stitching makes life feel a little calmer and a little slower just for a while.

Do you find stitching to be a welcome escape at this time of year? Even if just for a little while