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January 2015

slow start and robots

Second robot

It has been such a slow start to this year workwise.  First (and most difficult) was getting my head around what I needed to do to deal with the new VAT regulations in the EU for digital downloads!  A bit of a nightmare for all of us individual pattern sellers!!  But for now it just means that I will be emailing patterns to customers rather than having them available for instant download.  Hopefully this will soon all be clarified properly and I (and many other digital file sellers) will be able to go back to instant downloads.

Next I have one last home educated person at home.  And she wants to take lots of IGCSEs.  So I have spent the first two weeks of this month working out lesson plans.  Ideally I want her to be in charge of her own planning so she decides when to do the work.  I'm hoping that if she decides to leave it all until the last day of the week (Not that I would ever set such an example) then she will learn from her mistake (or enjoy doing loads of work on one day and having the rest of her week free!).  We have to fit everything around all the dance and art... not an easy task.  But for now it's done.


and so yesterday I could actually begin properly in my workspace.  And robots are first on the list.

Second robot

I think there will be four in total, designed to be stitched simply or embellished as much as you might like!

The robot above, I made about four times larger and stitched onto a duffle bag for a friend's inventor 7 year old.  I stitched the word 'inventor' underneath so there is no confusion about his job.

Backstitch robot

I loved getting back into stitching!  Choosing colours is always my favourite thing and I think I was feeling quite spring like (due to a beautiful sunny walk to Newlyn in the morning) yesterday.

In progress

I may have gotten a little carried away with the embellishing but for these patterns I am intending to do some simple stitch ups as well so they are suitable for children to stitch for themselves.  I will probably put two sizes of each in the pattern

In progress two

Next week I have a very exciting, child free, trip to London planned so my shop will be closed for a few days.  Wednesday to Saturday.  

I am so excited to be seeing old friends and cousins that I hardly ever see.

I will of course be spending time in Liberty, the V&A, the British museum and I want to go to Anthropologie and Loop!!  

I think the robots will be a couple of weeks due to my little skive away

see you soon and I hope you have some lovely plans for January


Happy New Year

2014 collage

and my first resolution?

To keep a better blog perhaps!

I would like to thank all my lovely followers and likers and customers for a wonderful 2014.  It's lovely that my patterns have become so popular.  I couldn't have imagined it this time two years ago!!

2015 is a year of change, not least because of some crazy EU VAT laws affecting anyone selling digital downloads (I will be doing a post for other sellers explaining what I'm doing about this later on in the week).  At the moment the only change you will see is that my patterns will now be emailed out rather than available for instant download.  I will try to email them out soon after the order is placed but obviously for some countries I may be asleep when the order is placed (that's you Australia!)  So for now, at least you will have to wait a little longer for your pattern.

My Etsy shop has reopened with all the patterns available again

I hope you all have a fabulous 2015 and keep stitching