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caravan sampler update

different colours same caravan

Full caravan

so I have spent a few lovely days listening to woman's hour and midweek along with lots of crime stories on the radio stitching away at my caravan.  

I had forgotten how long it takes to stitch but also how relaxing it all is.  I love dawdling over choosing colours and I'm really happy with this softer version.

Caravan chimney and vine

I love stitching the vines and leaves, I love drawing vines, leaves and flowers so stitching them feels like drawing with colours.

Caravan flowers and ferns

So here is the colour list for those who have the pattern (if you would like the caravan pattern it is available to purchase here).

Colour guide

DMC 3813 blue green - caravan outline, leaves on vines, flowers on caravan door

DMC 224 dusky pink - bands across caravan

DMC 745 yellow – door and window frame

DMC 648 soft beige - vase

DMC 822 stone – curtains and curtain pattern

Anchor 264 soft green – plant stems in vase and some grasses and flower stalks

DMC 772 darker soft green – ferns and some grasses

DMC 758 salmon pink - heart

DMC 962 darker pink – flower and bird

DMC 761 lighter pink – flower and bird and flower centres on door and chimney

DMC 958 stronger blue green – wheel and dragonflies

DMC 966 darker blue green – track under the caravan wheels

DMC 761 pale pink – bunting

Caravan window and vine

I realise that I've only used one anchor thread in amongst all those DMC threads!  You could swap it for a DMC soft green or just use the same green as the ferns if you can't get hold of anchor threads.

On Friday I will put the preprinted samplers into my Etsy shop (only a week late!).  These are printed onto a quilting weight (medium weight) cotton in white.  The lines are grey and clear but are covered easily using two strands of thread.  They come with the two colour guides but no threads, hoop or needle.  I will pop more info on here when I list them.

I hope you are all getting in a little relaxing stitching time.

And now back to beautiful spring time dog walking 

Dog walking

and stitching rainbow colours of hair

Goth girl pink