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December 2015

a project in kindred stitches


It was an exciting month for me last month, as the lovely ladies from the online magazine 'Kindred Stitches' asked me if I would like to contribute a small project to their December issue.  The theme is 'happiness is...'  Here in the Uk it is very wintery so I had very little trouble thinking about what happiness is!  curled up on the sofa in the warm with a hot chocolate and a good book.  

And so a book mark seemed the perfect project.


The colour theme was blue and yellow and, because it is much more summery in Australia (where Kindred Stitches is based) I designed a pattern more in keeping with summery reading.

It was such fun working to a theme, not something I have done before, but I enjoyed having the boundaries for the design and found some new colours too!

Kindred stitches bookmark

The whole project, along with lots of other lovely stitchy projects, can be found in issue twenty seven of Kindred stitches.

This is the website for the magazine

and you can download the magazine from the Apple store if you have an apple device

there's even a little video of the magazine contents over here

Now it's time to get back to christmas packing and posting!