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January 2016

Umbrella girl

The whole pic

a little bit of repetition today but I have finished the umbrella girl pattern and she is available in my Etsy shop

I've really enjoyed working in these pale colours but I can also see her in bright colours and maybe with an applique dress so she might appear again on the blog soon...


the making of a pattern

Blog drawings

I thought I would do a little post about how I go about designing the patterns which may or may not explain why they take so long from start to finish...

It begins with a pencil drawing in my sketchbook, then I make a pen drawing that I think is the right size.  I trace the pen drawing and start stitching.  In this case I stitched the smaller girl in black and hated it!  It just didn't look the way I had imagined it.  But this happens...

So I photocopied her a little bigger, traced her out onto white linen cotton and began again

Blog process stitching

I change things when I'm stitching, I changed her arms and decided a sprigged dress would be rather nice, her tights got a little spottier than the drawing too.

Scruffy note taking

and all the time I'm stitching I'm writing scruffy notes.  I would like my notes to look beautiful but I have a habit of grabbing the nearest pen and scribbling, perhaps I should write them out again when I have time because I keep these for reference with the drawing and the first stitching.

Blog process

once I am happy with the stitching I will redraw the drawing with the changes that I've made and then move on to the  computer to use  Adobe Illustrator to make all the lines look perfect when it's printed off.  Next all of the photographing (and the waiting for a sunny day!) and the photo editing.

Finally I write up the notes and restitch the pattern and it's ready.

The whole pic

This one is just at the end of it's first stitching so on to the computer today I think.   But not until after we have walked the dog in the beautiful sunshine that we have today!


on my work table

Blog 2

The new year is starting gradually with some new work.   Little tiny heads stitched on calico and then backed onto felt

Blog 5

Before Christmas I received some lovely little pendant frames from Ewoodstory to have a mess around with and come up with a pattern to fit inside.  The frame above is the olive  and I have come up with three little heads to fit into it.  I also have one of these that I will be making drawings for and stitching next week.

Blog 3

I've really enjoyed doing a bit of tiny stitching.  I managed to mostly get away with two strands but the face and neck are just a single strand.  Once the pattern is ready I will show how I attach the embroidery to the frame.  It really is very simple.

Blog 4

and the other thing that has found it's way onto my work table just today is the very beginning of a new pattern.

It has been exceptionally windy and wet in the UK recently and I will admit that I tend not to use an umbrella precisely because of the above picture.  I did once have a hurricane umbrella that lasted quite well but even that couldn't fight with Cornish wind and rain, not to mention the waves coming over on to the prom!

So I was inspired to draw an umbrella girl!

Now on to stitching her!

Happy Slow New Year

2015 frosted collage

It always takes me the whole of January to adjust to the New Year.  I have never managed to wake up on New Year's day full of resolutions and goals.  I like to spend January reflecting on the past year and then creating goals for this year.

I would like to say thank you to all my lovely followers and customers for a fabulous lilipopo year.  

I receive so many lovely comments on the various platforms that I share my work and, while I do always try to answer them, sometimes a few may not get replies but I always appreciate the time people take to comment.

There were quite a few new patterns this year and a new kit.  I'm still thinking about where to go in the coming year.  More patterns definitely!  I have boats and fairies and washing lines filling my sketchbooks at the moment.   

I'd love to know the kind of patterns that you would like to see from lilipopo. 

I would also love to hear about your stitchy plans for the coming year