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on my spring work table


The sun has started to shine outside and it's feeling much more like spring.  The teens even mentioned swimming in the sea the other day (although I noticed that they didn't actually swim).  So it's time for a new spring pattern, a flower gardener.  

This is probably the most complicated pattern I have made.  I don't want to make the stitching too complicated but there is just more going on in it, hopefully, once it's finished, lots of flowers!


I was test stitching flowers last week along with a bit of fern stitch, a fun thing to spend my time on :)  I should point out that I am absolutely not a gardener! We do have one house plant that my lovely daughter gave me on Mother's day, I am trying my hardest to keep it alive.  I love flowers, plants, weeds, vegetables... I love drawing them and stitching them but I am just not a gardener.  So I have to let others do the hard work while I just draw, stitch and eat the fruits of their labour.

Flower gardener 2

and now I am working on the first stitching draft.  I was aiming for this to be finished by the end of the month but I can feel April creeping up on me and I'm not so sure that it will be!

I have been asked about her cheeks.  I use faber castell polychromos pencil crayons if I add colour to the faces.  They are oily so go on nicely and stay there.  I think if you are in USA the prisma color pencils are very similar in quality.

I am panicking a little about the fence as I'm not quite sure how I'm going to stitch it but I'm sure it will work out in the end!  And hopefully look like a fence!

Wip flower gardener 1

I am loving having lots of lovely soft colours sitting on my work table but I also think bright colours might work well for this pattern too.  It may change a little before it is finally a pattern but she will be a flower gardener and there will be lots of flowers, and a watering can.  I love watering cans, they remind me of my childhood, perhaps that was my job in the garden!


Just a quick note, my blog has been behaving a little oddly and closing comments before I can reply to them!  I am not sure why but if you have commented and not received a reply I am sorry !  I have read the comments and always love reading them and usually replying to them!  I will try to sort the techy stuff out


a cute little giveaway

Giveaway image

The lovely Shelby from Ewoodstory and I have created a little giveaway for you all (well Shelby has done all the hard techy type work, thank you Shelby!)

Main collage

there will be not one, not two but... three lucky winners.

Each winner will receive a mini embroideries pattern and a stitchable pendant of their choice 


The pendants are lovely and simple to use as well as being super cute

So here is the giveaway link

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Starting today, we are accepting entries for one week to our giveaway via Rafflecopter. Just enter with your facebook account or email address.  If you tweet about the giveaway or tell us what your favorite kind of design to stitch you get two entries!

Pixie framed

This is the olive pendant


and the pod

The winner will be announced in six days time

Good luck!