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April 2016

the flower gardener

Flower girl picture to share

I'm a little late in posting this but she is finally finished.  A little more work than a lot of my other embroideries but if you love a little bit of slow stitching and pretty colours then I think you will be okay.

Flower mix

As usual, I haven't used complicated stitches, so really it's suitable for a beginner who is happy with back stitch and a few french knots.  And I am always happy to help with stitchy questions.

Fg head and hair

I've used quite a lot of soft colours for this one but I think there might be some fun in choosing your own colours too.  I think a bright multi coloured garden would look lovely.

Middle third

I have just sent off for a sample printed onto cotton so (fingers crossed) this one will be available printed onto white cotton for those who either can't or simply don't want to do the transferring

I think this would make a lovely cushion cover but I think (when I have time!) I will frame this and hang it in my workspace.  I have only framed stitched paper before but I noticed a youtube tutorial by the fabulous sublime stitching that I think I will try.

I will let you know how I get on... eventually!

Now for a nice cup of tea I think