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May 2016

printed on fabric

Printed panels garden girl

I have finally got two designs available printed onto white 195gsm cotton for stitching

I have in the garden above

Printed panels friends

and friends

there are various options available

with the pdf pattern

without the pdf pattern

two panels with or without the pdf pattern

and then there is a bundle of 'in the garden' and 'friends' available too

I hope I have managed to include all possible permutations!

In the garden panel etsy cover

I chose these two to begin with simply because I have had requests for them.   I also have the flower gardener in the pipeline.

But I have had so much difficulty deciding what to call them


pre printed designs on fabric?

fabric panels?

I think I may have used all these names, confusing myself at times!

Friends panel etsy cover

to celebrate 

there is a discount in my shop for any purchase above £6

20% off for one week only (ending on Sunday the 5th June)

just enter the code FABRICPANELS at the checkout


tea time and gcse exams

Japanese teapot watermarked

For a few months I have had a beautiful quote from Chaim Potok in my head

'come let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things'

I love this quote, I have it pinned to a board in my bedroom, torn from an old copy of flow magazine.

So I started drawing teapots... and once I started I found it very hard to stop.  I could have drawn a lot more teapots than I could possibly sew!

But finally I have completed a tea time pattern

Teapot main hoop watermarked

The pattern has four teapots in total, although one of them has not been stitched and is left for you to experiment with.  It also includes a few teacups and some flower heads.

I love the way the hoop looks like a tea tray

Sunflower teapot watermarked

we do get through an awful lot of tea in our house

Yorkshire Tea of course, as that's where I grew up.  Sadly we have very soft water down here in Cornwall so it never tastes quite Yorkshire enough for me but still very nice tea.

We also love our green tea with lemon and mint tea ( I think they would go nicely in the Japanese teapot)

Are you a tea drinker or a coffee drinker?

Perhaps the sunflower pot could work for a coffee drinker

I hope you enjoy the pattern and I will get back to my tea drinking and prepping my final home ed child for her gcses next week!

I think we will both be very happy peeps after June the 9th when the exams are over and hopefully the sun will be shining and all the birthdays coming up.

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop as always