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Happy New Year

Oh my!  A little late as usual...  It takes me a little while to get into the new year there is quite a lot of looking back at the old year and planning for this year in the first two weeks.  This leads to a gentle slow start.  I do feel lucky to be able to start my year this way when I see my partner and daughter rushing out the door on the 3rd of January to get to work and college.

It's very cold and grey here at the moment, lovely for sketching and stitching but not so lovely for photographing.  So here is my 2016 pattern collage!

2016 collage

I'm always a little surprised when I realize that a particular pattern only emerged last year.  They become so familiar to me that I think they've been there forever!  And I love seeing them together like this.  Along with patterns there was a lot of kit preparing and pre printed fabric panels sorted out.  And then a few commissions and two magazine pieces.

All in all a wonderful year for LiliPopo and I would like to thank all of my lovely followers and customers for sharing the year with me.

This year I have lots of pattern plans, some in my head, some in my various sketchbooks and some already partly stitched.  Flower girls, unicorns and a thief of hearts are foremost in my head at the moment.

Heart burglar detail

along the lines of this little ACEO 

I want to improve my ability to use a posh camera (aka a DSLR).  At the moment I use a rather nice RICOH but I just have it on one setting and go for it!  I think I would like to understand a little more about photography this year.  

One of my own favourite patterns has always been catching wishes

Catching wishes detail1

I love working with one thread and in blacks and greys so this year I want to stitch up more of my drawings using a blackwork style of stitching.  I started towards the end of last year with my attitude fairy

Pics 027

I popped some wall paper around her (Edward Gorey style or Matisse without the colour)

Pics 028

and some floorboards beneath her boots.  I love the slowness and repetition of this kind of stitching.  I'm still working on my usual linen cotton mix so I get a little bit of unevenness here and there but I think I like it like that.

Pics 026

I like the idea of building up a space around the girls to create more of a picture.  

It would be lovely to know what you would like to see more of on the blog as I am going to create a blogging plan in the hope of being much more consistent over here!  I just need more sunshine so I can take more photographs

So I have my list for 2017.  Time for a coffee and I'd better make a start!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Stitchy Year