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January 2017

a stitchy flowery thank you

Final flower globe wm

This week has been a little bit here, there and everywhere so in between those mixed up moments I got on with a little flowery stitching and created a little free pattern for all of you as a small thank you for making last year such a fabulous year for lilipopo.

I am a huge fan of snow globes, I utterly love the magic and sparkle of them.  They take me straight back to my childhood and also to the moment when my three year old daughter picked one up and cracked it in the shop at the  top of the Eiffel tower!  A moment she has never forgotten but she still (at 16) can't help 'looking' with her hands!

This week though I wanted something flowery rather than sparkly, looking forward to spring so the pattern is for a flowery globe rather than a snow globe.

Butterfly flower detail wm

There's even a spring/summer butterfly in there.  Right now I am sitting typing in a very cold space wondering whether to put my cosy fingerless mittens on so this spring scene is something I'm really looking forward to!

Flower globe pattern transfer

If you are a new stitcher I have beginner notes here 

there are some stitch tutorials here

and there are lots of tutorials on my pinterest board 


Right hand detail wm

The link to the pattern

I hope you enjoy stitching the pattern up as much as I enjoyed making it

Now to tidy my mixed up messy work space and try to create some order for 2017!



on my work table

Bandit 1 wm

It's January and I really should be brightening everyone's day up with colour but I'm a little bit addicted to blacks and greys at the moment (although there is some red thread in the picture, I'm not sure what I planned to do with that!).  I thought I would share a little bit of my stitching process.  This is only the first stitching of my drawing and already I am changing things in my head as I go along...

Bandit 2 wm

First I trace the drawing using this flatbed lightbox. Mine is actually A2 size but it takes up too much space on my table for how often I use it, especially given that my designs are really very small!  On top of that I have accidentally trapped and almost snapped the wire!  So I think I will be treating myself to a new A4 lightbox that can sit on my desk all the time and not be put at risk!  The fabric I have used here is in natural colour (light brownish) so it is harder to see the design  but once I'm tracing and pressing the fabric against the box it's clearer.  

Bandit 3 wm

Here is what I end up with.  I am a very lazy tracer and don't trace stripes etc.  I put them onto the pattern because I suspect not all stitchers are as lazy as me.  

Bandit 5 wm

and now I can hoop her up and pop her under my very exciting magnifying lamp.  For a very long time I didn't need a magnifying lamp but these days I find it helps immensely and I have become quite reliant on it.  In fact perhaps I did need one before I just didn't know it. This is the one I use.

Bandit 6 wm

And out comes that black thread, 2 strands and back stitch.  I love filling with back stitch, I tend to do it in sections 

Bandit 7 wm

I'm not sure if this is a proper technique but I find it helps me keep to the shape of the hat.

Bandit 8 wm

I'm not sure how clear it is but I'm using long short stitch for the sleeves.  I think I just felt like a change really but it works nicely in the long thin gap

Bandit 9 wm

and this is as far as I've got with her (well I'm a little further on but no light for photographs!).   Once I finish her I will redraw her making the changes that I have in my head and then restitch her to make sure she's quite right before turning her into a pattern.

If you are new to stitching I have guides for 

materials and transferring patterns

various stitches including back stitch and long short stitch

I'm hoping to have a little colourful free pattern on Monday for you.  As long as everything goes to plan!  Something to make us all feel a little spring like in winter (unless of course you are reading this towards the end of a glorious summer)


Happy New Year

Oh my!  A little late as usual...  It takes me a little while to get into the new year there is quite a lot of looking back at the old year and planning for this year in the first two weeks.  This leads to a gentle slow start.  I do feel lucky to be able to start my year this way when I see my partner and daughter rushing out the door on the 3rd of January to get to work and college.

It's very cold and grey here at the moment, lovely for sketching and stitching but not so lovely for photographing.  So here is my 2016 pattern collage!

2016 collage

I'm always a little surprised when I realize that a particular pattern only emerged last year.  They become so familiar to me that I think they've been there forever!  And I love seeing them together like this.  Along with patterns there was a lot of kit preparing and pre printed fabric panels sorted out.  And then a few commissions and two magazine pieces.

All in all a wonderful year for LiliPopo and I would like to thank all of my lovely followers and customers for sharing the year with me.

This year I have lots of pattern plans, some in my head, some in my various sketchbooks and some already partly stitched.  Flower girls, unicorns and a thief of hearts are foremost in my head at the moment.

Heart burglar detail

along the lines of this little ACEO 

I want to improve my ability to use a posh camera (aka a DSLR).  At the moment I use a rather nice RICOH but I just have it on one setting and go for it!  I think I would like to understand a little more about photography this year.  

One of my own favourite patterns has always been catching wishes

Catching wishes detail1

I love working with one thread and in blacks and greys so this year I want to stitch up more of my drawings using a blackwork style of stitching.  I started towards the end of last year with my attitude fairy

Pics 027

I popped some wall paper around her (Edward Gorey style or Matisse without the colour)

Pics 028

and some floorboards beneath her boots.  I love the slowness and repetition of this kind of stitching.  I'm still working on my usual linen cotton mix so I get a little bit of unevenness here and there but I think I like it like that.

Pics 026

I like the idea of building up a space around the girls to create more of a picture.  

It would be lovely to know what you would like to see more of on the blog as I am going to create a blogging plan in the hope of being much more consistent over here!  I just need more sunshine so I can take more photographs

So I have my list for 2017.  Time for a coffee and I'd better make a start!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Stitchy Year