spring stitching on grey days
on my work table

iron on transfers and stitch guides

Stitching night night

The picture above is my very first iron on transfer!  The lovely Jenn at Stitcharama contacted me recently to see if I would be interested in sending her some patterns to be magically transformed into iron on transfers.  Naturally I was pretty excited as I do have quite a few customers asking for them.  She sent me a sample of the 'night night' pattern above and, as you can see from the picture, it worked beautifully!  I'm using two strands of thread there and it's covering the lines nicely.

Iron on transfer

All you need to do is iron your fabric so it's hot then tape the design to your fabric (I used washi tape as it's easy to remove but masking tape would be fine) so that it doesn't move and iron the transfer.  The transfer is nice and clear and I have done a second transfer from the pattern (there may be more left in it, I haven't tried yet).

Main picture

The pattern packet includes 'night night', 'unicorn', 'winter dream' and 'friends'.  

And I am not alone over there!  There are fabulous fairy tale girls and owls  from Jen at SewJenaissance and gorgeous cuteness from Molly at Wild Olive.   

Stitcharama also sells PDFs which include some beautiful folk embroidery from Poland, Sweden, The Ukraine and even some Japanese Kogin embroidery.  A truly global affair!

The LiliPopo iron on transfer packet contains a PDF file for each of the patterns with instructions, colour guides and a new stitch guide.

The iron on transfers are only available through Stitcharama they won't be in my Etsy shop.  A fabulous alternative for those who really don't like transferring the patterns by hand!

Stitching night night 2

Which brings me to what else I have been doing this week... A simple stitch guide with diagrams. 

Free stitch guide

I have added this stitch guide to all my patterns on Etsy (and my iron on transfers with Stitcharama)  but you can grab it for free here 

The guide is a basic stitch guide to the stitches I use most often in the patterns.  For some of the stitches (such as french knots!) it might still be useful to look at video tutorials on youtube and to use the guide as a reminder. 

I hope you find the stitch guide useful and pop over to Stitcharama to