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dog walking in winter


we are going through a very wet and misty period at the moment in West Cornwall.  Familiar places become unfamiliar but strangely beautiful and every dog walk feels like an atmospheric adventure.  So I thought I would share a little of our greys, reds and greens today


swarms of herring gulls, black headed gulls, turn stones and sanderlings line the edges of the water looking for food


and the colours!  I love the colours at this time of year.  I love the moorland reds and greens far more than the summery st Ives blues.  


and then one day a dog walk in a different direction, just for a change.  The fishing boats at Newlyn harbour on our way to Mousehole along the coastal path.


This is Ash the whippet (for dog lovers!) who accompanies us on our long daily treks into the wilderness.


And this is Teague the strange middle son who forms the rest of the dog walking team and took all the beautiful photos @teague_popovski

The best thing about our dog walks at this time of year is definitely getting home to a warm space and frothy coffee with a little bit of stitching waiting

I hope you are enjoying your outside spaces whatever the weather


lavender girl inspiration


Inbetween busyness with dull admin stuff and lots of supplies ordering for the Christmas season this is what I have been doing, having fun with lavender girls.

Dress collage

I love playing around with liberty tana lawn scraps.  I especially love  the turquoise Betsy at the moment.  The fabrics are (in a clockwise direction) grey Mitsi, yellow Kayoko, turquoise Betsy, red June's meadow.  All these are available from Alice Caroline on Etsy .

Head collage

The kits should be ready in a week or so


winter dream embroidery pattern

Water marked

It's finished.  I really loved the whole process of designing and stitching this one.  I think the soft colours and repetitive stitching were just what I needed this week while I was trying to decide on plans and stock for kits and fabric panels for the upcoming season!

It took quite a lot of drawing, stitching and redrawing to get this one just how I wanted it.  When the children were little I used a lot of Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf methods in their education and I love the peaceful gentle art aesthetic associated with it all.  And I am a big lover of Robert Frost's poetry, one of my favourites being 'stopping by woods on a snowy evening'

Wm horse's head

and of course it was inspired by all the beautiful vintage dala horses out there.  Wouldn't it be lovely to ride off on one into snowy woods on a wintry evening

The pattern is in my shop now and I will be having fabric panels printed with this one later in the month.  I may also offer a kit for it in time for Christmas.

So all in all I'm feeling quite (unseasonably) Christmassy now!  In early October!!  Today I think I will have to go make squash soup and apple cake to get myself back into the autumn rhythm, or I could start my Christmas shopping early, for the first time ever, in my life!

I think soup and apple cake...


tea time and gcse exams

Japanese teapot watermarked

For a few months I have had a beautiful quote from Chaim Potok in my head

'come let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things'

I love this quote, I have it pinned to a board in my bedroom, torn from an old copy of flow magazine.

So I started drawing teapots... and once I started I found it very hard to stop.  I could have drawn a lot more teapots than I could possibly sew!

But finally I have completed a tea time pattern

Teapot main hoop watermarked

The pattern has four teapots in total, although one of them has not been stitched and is left for you to experiment with.  It also includes a few teacups and some flower heads.

I love the way the hoop looks like a tea tray

Sunflower teapot watermarked

we do get through an awful lot of tea in our house

Yorkshire Tea of course, as that's where I grew up.  Sadly we have very soft water down here in Cornwall so it never tastes quite Yorkshire enough for me but still very nice tea.

We also love our green tea with lemon and mint tea ( I think they would go nicely in the Japanese teapot)

Are you a tea drinker or a coffee drinker?

Perhaps the sunflower pot could work for a coffee drinker

I hope you enjoy the pattern and I will get back to my tea drinking and prepping my final home ed child for her gcses next week!

I think we will both be very happy peeps after June the 9th when the exams are over and hopefully the sun will be shining and all the birthdays coming up.

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop as always


mini designs for mini frames


Quite some time ago (before christmas) I was contacted by Shelby from Ewoodstory to see if I would like to create something using their lovely frames and pendants.  I loved the idea and Shelby sent me some frames to try out.


aren't they gorgeous?

she also sent the sweetest little wooden flowers, a bit like sequins with a central hole so you can stitch them on with a bead.

Wooden flowers

I plan to use these in a very different sort of project later in the month

So, back to the frames...

As I doodled ideas into my sketch book I realized that there were lots of things I would quite like to fit into these little frames

beginning with little heads

Girl c 2

I love the shape of the oval half n half pendant

and then moving onto flowers

Vase of flowers whole

In the end I came up with eleven tiny patterns (between one and two inches tall)  with tiny stitches.

Main collage

and the pattern that includes all these designs is over in my shop 

Tomorrow I will pop a tutorial on here to show how I attached the finished embroideries to the pendants.


Inspired by

Bear in a balloon

things are very busy at the moment with stitching up my new pattern and working on a few commissions so I thought that I could link to some of the blog posts that have inspired me in my tea breaks this week

I've been loving this gorgeous cross stitch from &stitches and am feeling inspired to try out that lovely double cross stitch. 

And another stitch I didn't know over at Kimberly Ouimet's fab blog a 'ringed backstitch filling stitch

I love absolutely everything Murgatroyd and Bean do but this lovely feathered chain stitch is another stitch I really want to try this week.

Are there any beautiful stitches that you are just dying to try?