a love affair with micron

All of the stuff that has kept me away from the internets


such busyness over the past two weeks!  A birthday girl in the house all of 12 years old and cousins here too so it felt like a week long party!


with shopping trips (we didn't actually buy this!)


even time for a little bit of fabric shopping


a sale rail of beautiful clothes in all the wrong sizes :o(


a bit of beaching while the sun was out


and plenty of baby cuddles


and I've been a little inspired by my aquathlonist


I'm not sure if she's going to be an embroidery or a drawing at the moment, I like the idea of a swimming bag but we'll see


I have also been stitching a plethora of fairies over the last two weeks for some lovely commissions


and finally sketches for a postie fairy who never has time to brush her hair (hmm reminds me of certain members of my family!).  I like the idea of her as an embroidery pattern.  

I've also been asked to create a beginner's embroidery kit which I've been working on although I'm still having some problems about how to transfer the pattern onto the fabric so the buyer doesn't need to do it.  Once finished the kit should include a piece of fabric printed with the design, threads, a needle and a flexi hoop.  Please let me know if I've forgotten anything!!  My memory doesn't appear to be working too well these days!

Well it's all gone quiet in the house now, birthdays over (for a week or so) cousins gone and J back at work so I had better get my nose back to the grindstone and get on with some work to finish all those projects!