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Not stitching

bright colours and little houses

Little houses
I am busy being organised this week.  I have been working all week on a pattern for my little houses to sell.  My intention is to have these three larger houses which would work well on something like a needle book or coaster or even all in a row as a picture...  and some smaller sized houses for lavender bags or keyrings.  

Green tree 2

the houses will have little trees by the side of them too.  I thought I would have it all finished this week but with all my note taking (no pics of my apallingly scruffy note taking!) it is quite a slow process.  Usually I simply sell the pattern but I am adding a colour guide and stitch guide for these houses.  I have been floss blending like crazy (see the ladder) I am completely hooked on it!  So I'm quite happy in my little stitchy world but I suspect it will take me most of next week to finish all this properly!

Tall house roof

I've also tried out an open chain to create quite a nice tiled effect on the roof of this house.  I've got a bit of work to do on my stitch diagrams.  I have ideas in my head about a beginner's kit with these houses as they are small but not too fiddly and nice and bright.  

After this my caravan pattern is not forgotten and I have a gypsyish girl in process too.  So I think my January will be spent with quite a lot of stitching... there are worse ways to spend January!  I've also got some regia sock yarn to make myself some purple red and green socks (knitting socks while watching bad or good crime drama is my meditation).  I may even show you them when they're done.  I notice I am surrounded by bright colours at the moment despite my entire wardrobe being made up of black and brown, it must be a January thing!

Where are you getting your colour from on these grey days?  Or maybe your days aren't as grey as Cornwall!