a very merry christmas and a cheery new year
it's all about the pens

New year new plans...

January 4th 021
usually our new year begins on the first of January but this year there was a bit of illness around, a need to snuggle quietly at home (eating through the mounds of chocolate) and so today felt like a beginning.  the reason is Sennen, we always seem to gravitate there around this time of year

January 4th 012

we can spend the whole summer without going near Sennen, (possibly because we would have to set off at 5am to find a parking place) but in January we are always drawn there

January 4th 030

partly it's the surfing (not me but my children!) but I think it's the colours, it's such a perfect wintry place.  A place to walk and think up plans for the year, dreaming of warmer weather, wild swimming in France, Golden eagle spotting in Scotland, more plans than we can ever manage in a year but we love to have plans

January 4th 017

and while I'm standing watching the others I'm thinking of blogging plans, embroidery tutorials, and pattern ideas bubbling away in my calm serene mind!  I hope you're having a calm and lovely start to the new year, making more plans than you can fit into a year...