wordless Wednesday
A french knot tutorial



at the moment I have about ten patterns in my head.  Sometimes it goes like that. Throughout December and most of January I felt dull headed, no ideas and the ideas I had started like the caravan above didn't inspire me then all of a sudden I felt full of enthusiasm and rearing to go.  I did seem to keep getting bugs in January which probably made it all seem worse.

Bear ears

But the strangest thing of all is that this burst of inspiration has happened in February!  Usually February seems like the longest month despite being the shortest.  Usually I don't want to get out of bed in February!  But this February I am bounding out of bed to go swimming and rushing back to get sewing. 

Bunny ears

I don't mind the strange mixed up weather, I don't mind that we are a little too on top of each other in the winter, that the house is a little too overcrowded, a little too messy.  It has occurred to me that not worrying about those things has allowed me to think about designing and stitching.


so because of this I have the new pattern in the shop, a few new patterns on the way, some kits and some exciting ideas involving screen printing (something I did once at school!) and preprinted embroidery patterns on fabric.  I want to do it all now but I think that may be a little unrealistic (although the children are quite happy for me to forget about them for a while!).  So I'm hoping to have all these things happening gradually over the next couple of months and I will blog my progress, especially with the screenprinting...