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backstitch tutorial

Backstitch main

I think everyone has their favourite outlining stitch but mine is really the most simple, backstitch.  It is the most basic stitch and here is a little tutorial for it.

Backstitch 1

first bring the needle up to the front of the fabric a stitches length from the top of the line you are stitching

Backstitch 2

leaving a tail at the back, there's no need to knot

Backstitch 3

next take the needle down at the top of the line (moving backwards) careful not to pull the end of the thread right through

Backstitch 4

you have your first stitch!  Bring your needle back up further down the line you are stitching trapping the loose thread at the back of your work as you stitch

Backstitch 5

this is the back of the work with the loose thread trapped by the stitches

Backstitch 6

continue stitching along the line


when you get to the end of your stitching or you're running out of thread just weave the thread through the stitches at the back of the work and cut your thread.

Backstitch main

and there you have backstitch :)