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wordless Wednesday



I am feeling dizzy with excitement as I think my printing technique is going to work!!  I will be able to sell the patterns preprinted onto fabric for those who prefer not to have all the faff of transferring patterns.

I will be sewing up (yet another!) caravan to test my method out this week.  This should mean that I can expand my kit range too:)

as for the weekend...

Cushion 001

I found a use for the bright caravan embroidery.  I've patchworked around the edge to make a cushion front but we ran out of fabric for the border and back.  So we did a bit of armchair shopping at fabric rehab for some yellow dotty fabric and now we're waiting for it to arrive.  Needless to say the cushion has already been claimed by Annis, the hoarder of all things handmade!