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embroidery injuries and caravans

Caravan detail 1

this should have been a ta dah post.  this pattern should be sitting in my shop so that all of the happy campers out there can stitch a caravan for their caravans or their potential caravans (for those of us without) but embroidery is a dangerous business and injuries can occur.

Caravan detail 2

 I have suffered an embroidery related back injury.  I'm not sure how but I have torn a muscle in my back while seemingly just sitting here sewing!  So I have half a caravan to show.  A sneak peek because sitting for long periods of time hunched over my stitching is not on the agenda for a few days. I have my hot water bottle and some family members to order about so I should be back stitching after the weekend and finally have a completed caravan pattern

Caravan detail 3

Now I shall go back to feeling sorry for myself and bossing people about for another day