wordless Wednesday

on my work table

Caravan pattern

the caravan pattern is finally finished and available over here.  The pattern contains the two different caravans and a larger version (more suitable for a cushion perhaps) of the second brighter caravan

Bright window

I'm really happy with the way it turned out and of course your caravan doesn't have to be a pink one!  I have included a guide to the colours I used for both caravans though.  

In addition to this Etsy have added an exciting new feature that means you can download your pattern as soon as you pay so no more waiting for me to email it to you!  This only works with individual patterns at the moment so If you order a three or four pattern packet you will still have to wait for the email.

Printing on fabric

I've started looking at printing onto fabric in order to sell pre printed fabric pieces which you could sew without having to transfer the pattern, these will also go into kits for those who would like the hoop threads and needle supplied


and there have been a lot of plants and flowers in my sketchbook recently

Plant shop

possibly even a plant shop

Plant shop 2

I'm not sure where this is heading, stitched drawings or an embroidery pattern or maybe both

Bunny girl

and of course easter is on its way and bunny hats are creeping back into my pages!

have a lovely weekend