wordless Wednesday on a Thursday
wordless Wednesday


22-01 008
there was a bit of this at the weekend but it was soooooo cold and I should point out that I am fully dressed on dry sand behind the camera about to go to the nice warm cafe for a hot chocolate while A freezes in the water!

Monday 015

you see, this is more like it... a little bit of knitting up that beautiful cascade wool from Loop into a dustland hat for J.  He keeps telling me that there's no way it's going to fit on his head (I've tried to explain the principles of stretchy knitting!).  I'm sure it will fit his head and if it doesn't then I will have two dustland hats.

Monday 024

and even more knitting (I started this before I had the needles for the hat).  The sock has come on quite a way and I am nearing the toe now.  A bit of colour therapy in between hat knitting.  Oh I love winter knitting, a perfect excuse to sit inside and not go anywhere!

What are you crafting at the moment or are you just waiting for winter to end (or begin depending on where you are!)?