wordless Wednesday
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unaccustomed to busyness


there has been very little time for standing and staring this week.  I am not naturally a busy person, I like to take my time over things.  I could be seen as either laid back or possibly a little bit lazy??!

but this week I was forced into busyness!  

Kits 001

I made kits 

Lilipopo photo

and lavender girls 

for a real bricks and mortar (well more wood actually) shop that Cornishbirdinthesticks is opening up this weekend.  It's at Carnon Downs near Truro for anyone in the area who would like to check out some lovely crafts, she has some wonderful stock.

Blog stitched pics

and I've been drawing and stitching on paper.  Now if I'm honest this is lovely calm work not really busy busy work but I think busy means occupied and I was occupied with this

Blog flowers

I do love getting the paints out and zoning out from the children!  


it wasn't all relaxing busy though because I had to visit the dentist!!  (this may have more meaning to other dental phobes!)  My dentist is not at all like Steve Martin, he is gentle and very nice but I am still terrified to the point of shaking and barely breathing whenever I have to go to see him.  Even though I don't need any work doing!  I'll never understand it!


and so I came back to more soothing stitching

Unframed greens

and sketching...