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mini adventures

Helford 044

we had plans for this summer.. plans of wild swimming in France, but the best laid plans and all that..  Work commitments have only left very small gaps over the whole summer so rather than be sad about it we decided to make the most of where we live.

Helford 007

Luckily for us, summer happened all of a sudden for a week where our commitments were low and our friends were bobbing on the helford in their sailing boat.

Helford 006

so some of us kayaked in and some of us drove around with the camping stuff and we set up camp on the quay

Helford 027

there was swimming,  swinging, kayaking, toasting marshmallows, mud bathing, fires, glow stick juggling, card games, a touch of pimms (just the adults!) and it all ended with a little bit of snorkelling and wave jumping

Helford 021

Helford 050

Helford 035

and now the rain is falling but we don't really mind too much because we know that we can have lots more mini adventures over the summer and France can wait until next year