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Naughty internets and birthdays


Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.  On my birthday the internets broke!!  At first we thought it was all of the internets but then realized it was our very old sad livebox.  The man on the phone promised to send us a new shiny bright box!!!  But this would not come for nearly a week so we were internet free! 

PicMonkey Collage

despite the lack of computer (or perhaps because of!)  I had a lovely birthay with wonderful presents 


a beautiful hot day spent mostly in and around the sea


even Ash stepped daintily into the water (it was exceptionally hot!)


Annis made this lovely origami and calligraphy picture for my work wall


and the funniest David Shrigley card ever from Jason, apparently I need to put it on my work desk and just point to it whenever I am interrupted (most of the day really!)

In celebration of my birthday and our lovely new bright box I have a coupon for 20% off in my Etsy shop for any purchases of £5 or over.  (The kits are not included).  So if you would like to use the discount just use the code BRIGHTBOXBLOG when you purchase.

The discount code will stay there until Friday (I'm not sure when on Friday as Etsy seems to control that!)

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend with or without internets!!