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Mazey day 001

I think that the weekend is just about all I'm managing to blog here at the moment but I will try harder this week!

This weekend was THE weekend of the year here in Penzance... Mazey weekend, the grand finale of the Golowan festival.  Golowan is a week long music and arts type festival with all sorts of things going on in Penzance from banner and boat making to bands and poetry.

My personal favourite part of the whole week is Mazey eve

Mazey eve 011

when there are fireworks 

Mazey eve 047

Penglaze comes out of his dark home

Mazey eve 059

and best of all we get to serpent dance around the town.  A most exhilerating and wild time being pulled wherever Penglaze decides to go.

Mazey day 004

After that comes Mazey day with stalls, music and processions throughout the day

And finally on Sunday a more peaceful quay fair day down by the harbour.  Everyone is much more subdued after a party weekend but the music is still playing.  This year we stopped to listen to some cornish bagpipes and watch the Cornish dancing but sadly our photographer was off on his bike so no photos!

And now, a grey day, perfect for getting on with some stitching and some blogging and some sketching!