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Annis birthday blog

I am very conscious of poor blogging habits in the summer this year!  Partly it's because (unlike last year) this year we have a summer!!  But recently it was a 13th birthday in the house and a houseful of cousins (and my sister).  Unfortunately this was accompanied by quite a lot of poorlyness!  Including Annis's birthday!

But the day everyone felt better we took the open top 300 bus service for  a most wonderful day trip

St ives 001

cousin one, the main instigator of the singing (???) and the one who welcomed everyone to the top deck of 'the fun bus'

St ives 060

the top deck of the fun bus before the rain (not that the rain deterred the children from staying up there!)

St ives 021

the route

St ives 033

arriving at lands end

Lands end

a very dramatic lands end

St ives 051

two more cousins having a happy time

St ives 065

The girl cousins with attitude!

This day trip was fabulous, everyone enjoyed it and I thoroughly recommend the open top bus if you ever visit Cornwall, although you may not get the singing and 'welcomed to the fun bus' if we're not there!

I must credit my son Teague for the great photos too.

He is also responsible for Annis's favourite birthday card.   He asked me what to draw on her card and I suggested unicorns as she loves unicorns.  He looked for five minutes for a horse book to help him draw a unicorn, gave up and drew this instead

Unicorn poo

explained inside the card

Unicorn poo inside


I promise to be back with sewing later in the week, once I am all caught up and the illness is finally banished from our house!

I have plans for an organized blog, in fact I have plans for an organized life but we'll see!!!