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Backing a hoop tutorial

There are lots of tutorials out there about how to back a hoop so you can frame your embroidery in the hoop but I thought that I would share my preferred method (not that I invented this method!)

I am not overly keen on glue even if it is fabric glue.  I have a tendency to get in a glue mess, in fact I even get in a double sided sticky tape mess so that doesn't really work for me either.  This method only really takes a little longer and stitching your backing on means that you can unpick it and remove your embroidery at a later date if you want to clean it, change it or you've run out of hoops!

Hoop backing 4

I start by taking the inner hoop and tracing around it onto the felt using my heat removable transfer pen.  If you prefer not to draw on your felt you can make a paper pattern.  Next cut out the circle.

Now you need to hoop up your embroidery, making sure that you're happy with the position in the hoop and that the screw is at the top in the centre.

Hoop backing 1

I trim the fabric to about 2.5cm around the hoop in a rough (!!) circle

Hoop backing 2

Next you get to do some big old gathering stitches about 1cm in from the edge all the way around in a circle.  You can use a shocking red if you like but I would normally suggest using a colour that blends nicely with your fabric.

Hoop backing 3

Now my favourite bit... pull them in until your fabric is nicely pulled behind the hoop and tie it off.

Hoop backing 6

Now pop your felt circle on top and stitch nicely (using a matching thread perhaps) all the way around.  Catching the felt and the fabric underneath.

Hoop backing 7

And you're done!

You could embroider the felt with a date or name before you start or stitch a calico label onto it.  But make sure you attach your felt the right way up with the screw at the top if you add anything.

Hoop backing 9

And now you can hang your handiwork for all to admire.

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