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This week I have had a bit more time to peruse lots of lovely stitching and food blogs, my favourite kinds.  And I thought I would share a few finds with you here.

Firstly I noticed that over at &stitches there is a new back to basics series going on.  Today they have kindly suggested the neutrals that every embroiderer needs in their stash.  There is a rather lovely looking charcoal grey that I am quite sure is missing from my stash, what a shame I will have to go thread shopping in the morning.

Karen Ruane whose work I absolutely adore!  is starting a new shorter class that has caught my eye.  It's a class for making a pillow and includes ledger pages too.  I adore her ledger pages  and am very tempted.

Finally I have been informed that Mollie Makes , a lovely English crafting and vintage magazine is setting up a US version and they have a blog (only just started) over here that is looking rather nice.


finally a nice sunny (!!!) birdwatching photo from a beautiful day earlier in the week with one of my sons.