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Today I'm covering the face and hair.

If you are stitching the red girl you will need two strands of DMC 745 yellow (which I forgot to add to the pattern notes - very sorry) and for the blue girl I'm using two strands of ecru.

I'm hoping the photos help make my words a bit clearer here!

Hair 1

I start by back stitching the outline of the top part of the hair

Hair 2

I try to keep my stitches very small and even

Hair 3

Next I stitch a line down the middle of the hair and continue with more lines filling the top part of the hair

Hair 4

Now I make stitches as little v shapes to form the plait.  I'm hoping that the final picture shows just what I mean

Finished hair

at the bottom of the plait there are three little stitches fanning out.  I think the trick is to keep the stitches fairly small.

For some reason I started to stitch her face before her hair here but just ignore that.  Normally I would stitch her face after her hair.

Single thread

Take a single strand of the charcoal grey (DMC 3799) and pop a couple of stitches through the back of the hair stitches near the jaw line to anchor the thread.  Now backstitch the jaw and neck, making sure to keep the stitches neat and on the line.  I actually stitch quite slowly when I'm using one thread because any wobble tends to show up a lot more.


For the first eye I carry the thread up weaving through the back of the hair stitches and make two small stitches one above the other.  I then weave the thread through the back of the hair stitches again and snip it.

For the second eye I anchor the thread in the back of the hair stitches in the same way I did for the jaw line then make two small stitches, anchor the thread again and snip.  All this saves having knots at the back of your work.  

That's the hair and face done.  I will pop a post on about the dress on Sunday (hopefully!)

This stitch along is quite a fun distraction from all the upheaval that is happening here at home.  One son gone away to university to study film, only an hour and a half away but he has moved out and it does feel quite final!  And the other son is at college studying art at college so he's not home educated any more!!  Just one girl left at home all day with me until dad gets home!  But that one girl wants to do five or six GCSEs so we're certainly not bored! 

The stitching is a welcome break from all that studying!

I hope you're all enjoying your stitching

There is also a hashtag of lilipopostitches on instagram (I admit I keep forgetting to use it) for anyone who would like to share or chat on instagram.

Happy stitching


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