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Stitch along transferring the pattern

LiliPopo stitch along

Stitchalong head

It's finally here, the christmas lists pattern and stitch along that is a big thank you to all my followers and customers.

the pattern

This is a link to google drive where you should be able to open the pattern.  I know that sometimes people have difficulties with google drive so if you can't open the file please email me at lilipoposketches@gmail.com and I will email the pattern (this may take a day to happen)

I have included colour notes and a list of stitches that I used but no detailed notes.  You can either stitch her as you like or follow the stitch along on my blog if you prefer.  For those of you who use it there is a flickr group set up for this (and any other lilipopo patterns that you stitch) if you would like to share your progress.  I would love to see the pics over on flickr.  You will need to join the group to post.

My instagram hashtag for the stitch along will be #lilipopostitches.  This is all a bit new to me so there may be some little difficulties to iron out along the way!

Stitchalong dress

If you would like to create a notebook holder with the embroidery I will put the fabric dimensions on my blog tomorrow along with instructions for transferring the pattern for any beginners

For those who just want to start stitching here are some notes

I used Robert Kauffman essex linen in natural

Most of the stitching is two strands of thread.  The lists are sewn with a single strand in back stitch.  The writing on the lists is also a single strand of thread.

The plan is to work through the embroidery over September.  I will pop a couple of posts a week on here focussing on beginners

Stitchalong 1

I will be back here tomorrow afternoon (UK time!) when I will check any messages.

Have fun with the pattern


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