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Dresses collage

This morning I finished off her dress and most of the lists (I forgot to trace the lists that are around her feet so I will have to add those later on!)

For the red dress and lists I used

DMC 304 red

DMC 452 beige

DMC 3799 charcoal

DMC 318 pale grey

For the blue dress and lists I used

Anchor 168 mid blue

Anchor 928 light blue

Anchor 169 darker blue

Dress outline 1

I started with two strands of Anchor 168 (DMC 304 if red) and back stitched my way around the outline of her dress and sleeves, keeping the stitches as even as possible

X stitches

I also used two strands of A168 (DMC 304 red) for the crosses at the top of her dress.  I did these as individual crosses in the same way as the crosses on her hat.

X stitches 2

For the crosses at the base of the dress I used a different method.  Working one diagonal across the row of crosses (as above) still using two strands of A168 (DMC 304 red).

X stitches 3

then I worked back across the row putting in the other diagonal (see above).  I think this method seems to make my crosses more even.


The heart is also backstitched using two strands of A168 (DMC 304 red) but my stitches are probably about half the size of the dress outline stitches to make it easier to get around the curves.


For the ribbing I used just one strand of the same thread and made single stitches following the pattern.

Running stitch

Next I took two strands of the light blue Anchor 928 (DMC 452 beige for the red girl) and did a bit of running stitch for the dashes across the top and hem of her dress.  Running stitch is just the normal in - out stitch that most people know.

I also used two strands of the same thread to backstitch just inside the heart.

Inner heart

And because she is really quite easy to embellish with extra stitching I decided I wanted stripey sleeves on the blue girl so I marked some stripes on them

Sleeve stripes

I then stitched them using one strand of Anchor 168 and single stitches.  You could do the same on the red girl using red or beige.

Full dress

With her dress done I moved onto the lists.  For the lists I used a single strand as I didn't want them to stand out as much as the dress.

For the blue girl the list outline was backstitched in Anchor 169, just a bit darker than her dress outline colour and the lines (single stitches) were Anchor 168.  For the red girl the outlines were charcoal (DMC 3799) and the writing pale grey (DMC 318).  Again I stitched quite slowly with the single strand, making sure that the end of one stitch butts perfectly against the beginning of the next.


and there are the lists.

The next stitch along post will be next Sunday as there is a very busy week coming up as Annis and I start on her GCSE home education!  But I'm hoping to be into a nice routine by the end of the week.  So roll on a week of English, Maths, French, Psychology and Literature!!

Wish me luck


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