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Today I'm going to focus on her hat.  I'm thinking a lot about all the beginners that I get messages from so this post is hopefully going to be very detailed with lots of pics.

I've decided to stitch my second girl in blues, the colours I've used so far are

Anchor 168

Anchor 928

DMC 3033

I will probably also use a darker blue for the boots but I haven't decided that yet.

Don't worry if you are stitching in the original colours of the pattern as I will say which colours are used where.

Pic 3

A quick notes on tools

I used a six inch hoop as the whole pattern fits in nicely but you can use a smaller one and move it around as you stitch.  I also use a number 8 crewel needle here.

  I begin by cutting about a 45cm length of thread and separate two strands off to stitch with

Pic 5

I always start with the hat, probably because it's more colourful :)  Beginning with either Anchor 168 (blue) or DMC 304 (red) bring your thread from the back of the work through to the front of the work about a stitch length from the start of the line.  Leave an inch long tail at the back.

Pic 4

make sure you don't pull this tail through as you start to work, you won't need a knot as the tail will be woven into the back of the stitches as you sew.

Pic 6

You are working backwards so take your needle back down at the beginning of the line, being careful not to pull your tail through.

Pic 7

as you stitch just catch the tail in the back of your stitches and this will make it secure

Pic 8

If you are careful to put the needle back down in the same hole as the previous stitch you should get a neat line.

Pic 9

For the cross stitches simply make a stitch on the line and then a second stitch crossing it still using the same colour.

Pic 10

Pic 11

Because I don't want the threads showing through my fabric, if I have to carry them elsewhere I use the stitches that are already there and weave the thread through the back of the stitches to the place I need to be next.

Pic 12

The running stitch is still in the same colour.  I tend to stab stitch this because of the tautness of the fabric in the hoop.  Just simple in - out stitches to the end.

Pic 13

That's all the darker blue/red for the hat.  Now cut a 45cm length of Anchor 928 (if doing the blue version) or DMC ecru (if doing the red).  Separate off two strands to stitch with.

Pic 14

and now you're going to back stitch those solid lines just as you did the outline of the hat.

Pic 15

Next there are a few seed stitches in the top portion of the hat.  I hope you can see how tiny in the pic.

Pic 16

and once your seed stitches are done you need to bring your needle up right in the middle of the pompom.

Pic 17

You are going to radiate stitches from the centre of the pompom.  Each time returning to the middle.

Pic 18

Keep going until you are happy with the look of the pompom.  When you are finished weave your thread through a few stitches at the back and snip.

Pic 19

And there you have a cute little knitted hat!

I will be back on Friday for a post on the face and hair stitching

Have a lovely week


p.s this is the link for the pattern for anyone who is just joining in


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