Friday tutorial - lavender girls transferring and appliqueing
Friday tutorial - lavender girl hats and hair and faces



Having made it through my oldest son's 21st (YES!  21st!!) last year, this week it was my middle son's turn - 18 years old.  It seems as though 18 years, not to mention 21, have gone by in a flash.  Two sons through home education and into college doing things they love and just one more year with Annis (hope for any home ed parents out there).

when did this little fireman

Fireman teague

grow so big

Birthday crown

I must have been busy stitching!

so we played tennis

Swapsies blog

with older brother home 

Tennis annis and teague

and younger sister too.

And what a shame not a single picture of my attempts at tennis!

Home for home made pasta and tiramisu, no pics, it was eaten too quickly

And no time at all for stitching.

Happy 18th birthday to our nature loving, drawing and painting, cycling and tennis playing boy.

I hope you had a lovely week in the sunshine (at least in Cornwall) last week.

Back to stitching normality for my next post